Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've got to get busy.......

A few more Disney photos!

I need to get my booty in gear and starting stitching. I've got Carol's and Valerie's RR's in my basket of need to do now! Both are gorgeous and pretty! Love the colors. It has been neat seeing every one's color and linen choices. I'll post pictures of both of them tomorrow. My camera battery is needing to recharge itself. I think I might need a new battery.

Jacob's birthday is Friday. Not sure yet on if he's gonna have a get together this weekend or wait until spring break.

I've tried twice to put that video up in the blog. I'll try again today. I'm afraid it's too big for blogger. So we will see whether or not it will work. I so want everyone to see the band marching at Disney!

Spring break is next week and I'm planning on getting both the Quaker RR's finished and finish up my Ornie exchange.

Hope everybody is doing good and having a great day. I normally don't preach to people about faith or church issues, but Sunday's sermon kind of kicked me in the rear. I need to give gratitude to God, and pause for outsiders. How many times have I turned the other way when I could have helped out. I need not to be afraid to talk about my faith.

Are you stagnant? I have been and I plan to stand firm and really get back in church. I've just been floating around in the same pond and I need to change the water! Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but life is short and I want to live my life and give thanks to God for allowing me this life that I have!

Every now and then I might plant a seed of faith in my blog!

Happy night to everybody!



Kim B said...

God is an important part of our lives too. Gratitude for our many blessings is a way of life that has brought us a great deal of happiness as well. I look forward to hearing about your faith :)

anna said...

I love the pink pocket you have hanging from your neck! :) As to God, well, I wish I could say something inspiring, but at this moment I'm on a lost path.

CindyMae said...

I can totally agree with you. I love God with all my heart but here lately I have gotten to the point of not getting up on Sunday to go to church, we have stopped doing our family devotional's and we are starting to be able to feel it! We need to keep Him number 1 in our lives and sometimes that is hard to do when we let the world take over. I personally would love to start seeing some post on your blog about your faith! I use to have a Christian inspirational blog that I ran for several years but got burned out on it I guess and since I stopped posting it has made a difference in the way I feel. I need to get back to doing that too! Maybe I will, maybe your post if what I needed to decide to start posting on there again! Anyway, hope to see that video soon. If you can not upload it straight to blogger, try youtube!

Cindy F. said...

Girl! You go ahead and plant all the seeds you want:) We are truly blessed and I thank God daily for his love.