Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's that time Friends! Band Season!

(Jacob worn out after practice! You were awesome!)
It is bittersweet yet exciting still the same. This is Jacob's Senior year and tonight was the first band practice for the season. I'm glad he's an officer, he feels proud to help the new freshmen. He's such a great kid. He instinctively honed in on a new freshmen that was struggling to fit in and I tell you what it makes my heart proud to see how he took away a young freshman's fears. I guess I haven't done too bad after all. I love you son!

Band camp is such a fun yet very demanding time for any band student. This is how it will play out over the next few weeks. Practice Tues. and Thurs. nights 6pm to 9pm. We do this schedule for two weeks. Then it's practice all week just in the evenings, then the last week of July is the tough one. 8am to 9pm all week. 85 students who all need fitted for uniforms. I've been doing all the sewing these past 3 years, and I am so happy to say I finally have 2 parents that will help with the uniforms. I thanked both of these new mommas who have willingly given me their time for their children. It's a hard job, but I tell you what, tonight all my veteran band students all swarmed me with hugs and cheers. I'm their mom, their nurse when they are hurt or sick, Mama Bennett: my snap came off! Can you sew it quick? You gotta babe! But most of all, these kids are mine! I may not have birthed all of them, but they know who to turn too.
OMGosh friends, what will I do after next year? This is gonna be a hard year for me! Plan on it now that I'll have to show lots of pictures.

Back to the schedule: It's now first week of August. They get the week off. Then Aug.10 school starts and they practice twice a week and Friday night football games for 2-3 months depending on how well the football team does! Whew! Worn out yet?

Jacob had his first set of Senior pictures taken. Next week we hope to do the next set. Cha ching! John better hurry up and get back to work steady so we can get everything for Jacob. Letterman's jacket, senior ring which gets ordered the third week of July. You know what friends, I might just sell some of my old gold jewelry to help pay for all of this.

Now a little news about my Jason, he's about to get a taste of what a real job is. He's gonna be a gofer/labourer putting in insulation. I hope he doesn't crash and burn, but maybe seeing this will show him that college is what he needs. Good luck buddy, try your best.

I have totally blown ya'll all away with my chatter tonight.

See ya later!


Michele said...

I remember band camp! There was even one horrible day when I realized I had forgotten my deodorant. I told the director I was sick and I needed to call my mom for some medicine! I know it was hot and a lot of hard work, but I smile when I think back on band camp now. :)

Lisa said...

Being Bandmom sound very similar to Hockeymom. When I went on the Quebec tournament trip with my older son's hockey team (2 week in Feb of 2009), I was the only female/mom with the group of 15 boys (ages 12-13) -the other 3 adults were coaches/fathers. So, it was a pretty awesome position - to play "mom" to those 15 boys, making sure that they were eating well, dressing, they had their money & electronic games, etc. And, as you said, I didn't birth them, but I felt like a mom to them. It is a wonderful opportunity - a special thing I will always remember, as well as my son will too! While it will be sad to think it will be your last year to be bandmom, remember the wonderful memories you have and will be able to share with your son!

BTW...please pat yourself on the back. You are doing an awesome job of raising Jacob and it shows in what your have written!

Cheryl said...

Its that time of year again? Boy that has sure come around quickly! Enjoy your time (although it sounds exhausting).
Just reading your previous post too, i cant believe she hasnt been able to hold the baby yet - that must be so hard

Cindy F. said...

I hope Jacob enjoys every second of his band camp!! See how taking a break from your dream gave you so many blessings?! Jacob being one...his dreams being fulfilled another.
I was in the band 7 years and your posts remind me of all the fun I had!
Thanks for reminding me of what I'd forgotten:)