Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, I have been so very busy today. I hate to even say it, but here goes: I cleaned! I'm talking move the bed, vacuum under very dusty bed. I found a lost slipper for John, thank goodness for that. That slipper was a LLBean Wicked Good slipper. John kept telling me it was gone, lost, I've already looked under the bed. Well, I figured it was under there somewhere.
I have this little area that I keep all my stitching and stuff, so I've been cleaning that out too. How do I come up with all of this stuff. I need to cull I guess. I hate to throw away stuff. You never know when you might need it. I love magazines and catalogs, I have quite alot that I might just cut out the project and put in the plastic sleeve and put in a binder.
Keep your fingers crossed, Jason has job lead that was posted at our church. I'm gonna pray extra for him that the company will give my son a chance. Jason has had no real job history. I have not made my kids go get a job during their high school years. I want them to enjoy their youth while they can. Being an adult and having to work is hard and can sometimes be a burden for the newly young graduates.
Busy week ahead. Band camp will be alittle sad for one young lady. Her Momma just passed away, Allision's Momma fought cancer and even though she was sick, she'd come out to see her daughter march. I'm sending blessings for her whole family.
See ya!
I'm blessed to be alive and Lord open your arms for Allision's Momma!


FayeRaye said...

Will send a prayer for Allison this week. Very sad so surround her with extra love. Faye

Kim B said...

Allison will be in our thoughts and prayers. And you are one super cleaner! You can come over and clean up around here if you want.

Good luck to the job searcher!