Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun with my Girls!

My sister has a teacher seminar this week, so my nieces are staying with us for a couple of days. I've got the girls Sunday night thru Tuesday afternoon. Band practice would be very boring for little girls! Today has been busy. We went to the fountain to play in the water, then lunch was gobbled up quickly so we could go to Barnes and Noble. I am a firm believer in the written word. Books are a cherished commodity in our household. The thrill of a new book is always fun in our house. I bought a new Miss Potter book for myself! Then home to play with Jacob. It's now 7:15pm, we are gonna make milkshakes in just a few. Wanted to get the pics up just in case my sister checks my blog.

I'm tired friends! Having little girls over is tiring! I'm not used to waking at 8:30 in the morning! During summertime I keep horrible hours just for me! I stitch late into the night, sleep in, wake up around 11 or so to let the dog out. Geez! My summer is almost over for me. I go back to school on July 28th. Agggg!
Well, milkshakes are calling! See ya!
I'm thankful for Jacob! He has been a champion with the girls! Love ya Jacob!


FayeRaye said...

Lets not talk about school starting back up! grrrrr....AND whats not to love about the "Corduroy" books!? I know you are truly enjoying having the girls and Jacob is a god-send!

Stargazer said...

Of course I'm checking your blog!

Pam said...

Your nieces are adorable! It's great that you are able to spend this time with them. BTW, how were the milkshakes?

Kim B said...

They're darling! Milk Shakes...Barnes and are a way fun kid-sitter!