Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A sneak peek at the giveaway goodies!

Just a peek of Halloween Goodies!

Just a taste of what's in the giveaway. Butters is guarding over the bounty! hahaha

Tonight my post will be short, I've got to sew a cape for our drum major. Plus get my stuff ready to go on my exchanges, I'm really cutting it close, but with everything this month I got behind. I hate that! I'm really excited for the winner of the giveaway because I bought two of a few things, cause I had to have them myself! Y'all are gonna love it!
Look at my Christmas Ornament that Faye made for me! Wahoo, I love it! Thank you friend, I can't wait for Christmas to add it to my tree.
I'm glad for chances to make my friends happy!


Kit said...

Your ornament is lovely, what a great gift to get. I look forward to the drawing, you have us on pins and needles.

stitcherw said...

Lovely ornament, and Butters is so cute keeping an eye on it all. Glad to hear the Afrin is working and you're breathing easier, hopefully the allergys will settle down soon. What wonderful news too that Baby Alora is now home. I'll enjoy seeing some pictures when you post them.

Tammy said...

Your ornament is so pretty! I'm so allergic to ragweed and my allergies are giving me heck right about now too! What a great giveaway you are having!