Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected day off!

Georgia is under a flood warning and Gwinnett county schools closed earlier today. John went up to the high school to pick up Jacob and his friend Matthew and took Matt home and then came home and we have been watching the news and weather all day. Please keep GA in your thoughts and prayers. We have already had two deaths due to the flooding. My nephew is a cop and he was on the news earlier today, he was called in on the death of a female in Lawrenceville, her van got swept away in the flood. I've never seen this type of rain and flooding in our area. Its unnerving, it is still raining.
On to stitchy news, this is the mini stocking that I stitched for Julianne in our Christmas ornie group. These are the cutest and easiest little stockings to make. I love them! Here is also the devils horn area on the Quaker RR for Val! Almost there! and finally, I received my ornament magazine in the mail! I plan to look at it later tonight during Dancing With the Stars! I love that show! (My hubby hates it!) hehehehe
Other than that, it's been a slow day at home, gonna start supper in a few minutes. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the George Foreman grill, I like that grill, very easy to use.
Hoping everyone has a great Monday!
Swimming in Dacula,


Anonymous said...

Don't most husbands HATE Dancing With The Stars? LOL

The stocking ornament is ADORABLE. I love those colors.

Kim B said...

We are keeping everyone there in our thoughts and prayers.

Great stocking!!

FayeRaye said...

that little stocking is toooo cute!!!and yes, praying for your rains to recede!~ Faye

Hannah said...

Hope all is well, Donna! Keeping you in my thoughts.

CindyMae said...

I am praying for you and your families safety as well as everyone else in the areas that are flooding so badly.

The stocking is just simply gorgeous!!

Siobhan said...

I hope the rain has stopped and the flooding starting to recede. That is so sad about the woman being swept away.

Beautiful stocking!

Vonna said...

What a darling stocking for dear Julianne :)
And I must say all that rain....I'll keep you all in my thoughts!

Cheryl said...

Oh that stocking is fab!! Great finishing.
Over here "dancing with the stars" is called "strictly come dancing" and the new series has just started and i love it!!

Michele said...

hope it finally stopped raining for you! flooding is very scary!

love the stocking finish! you did a great job :)