Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Is Here!

Friday has finally loomed in Dacula! After all the rain and gloom, I'm happy to say that we have had no rain these past 2 days. We were fortunate that we only had our roof leak a tiny bit around the fireplace. Johnny says that shouldn't be to difficult to fix. Where as his sister's house did flood out in the bottom level. Her carpet is ruined, haven't really heard the total damage yet.

Jacob has been sick with the flu. I'm hoping that nobody else in the house gets sick. Remember last weekend I told you all about Jacob going to visit Berry college? Well, all three of the boys got sick with the flu. Jacob has spent the past 4 days very sick with a fever for 3 days, today he is finally feeling better. Thank you Lord!

Even my kitties have been under the weather. Daisy has had an upset tummy and Butters is driving me crazy, I just wished he could tell me what he wants. I have to scoop that box every time , he will not use it if there's a speck of anything in there. I normally scoop twice a day anyway, but he is terribly picky about his bathroom business! It's really funny, but can be annoying also.

Tomorrow I've got to make brownies for my Daddy for his birthday. My Daddy loves chocolate! We are going over to Momma and Daddy's on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. We will also celebrate my niece Caroline's b-day. It will be a fun day for all!
Have a great weekend my friends!



FayeRaye said...

We have been praying for you guys and all the rain. Georgia has been devastated!! We are now seeing it in NC, but no where to the level you guys had it...Take care and we pray your state gets relief. Devastation is hard to understand unless you know first hand. Stitch and now dont YOU get the flu!~ Faye

Tammy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned. Take care of yourselves and stay dry!