Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sock Monkey Time!

I love Sock Monkey! I don't know why, it's just something about Sock Monkey that makes me happy. my baby sis treated me to a Barrel of Sock Monkeys! They are dressed up in Halloween costumes, I have them hanging from our little orange tree in our bay window. I just love the little sign that I found to go with them. Thank you Judy! I do love them!

Look at my new shoes! They are so crazy, I love them. They are Mary Janes Retro Cool Cats! I can't wait till my mom sees them.

Weekend is almost here and we have our very last competition that Jacob will perform in. We are coming up on the last couple of games, and I'm already getting sad about not having the band kids to look after. I love those kids. But I know John's ready to get his wife back, it's been a long 4 years for him. to me, they have whizzed by.

I've started Ulla's RR, I'm stitching a design from Blackbird Designs ( I love their patterns!)

Plus I'm getting ready to mail my Christmas Ornie exchange, plus working on gathering goodies for my Stitching Blogger Birthday partner! So no pictures just yet.

Well, it's midnight again and I must attempt to go to sleep. It's gonna be hard at work tomorrow!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming Dance

Well, my weekend was pretty much laid back and lazy! I love these kind of weekends. Homecoming was this weekend for Dacula, I'm glad that Jacob had such a great time. He's making memories that will follow him thru life. Look at how gorgeous Morgan is, Jacob and Morgan look so cute together.

Tonight's post will be short, I'm so sleepy, and it's only 8:40pm. I got my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Terrie. (The Dogwood Patch- soon to be The Stitch Store! ) I'm gonna start to pull flosses for this awesome project.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's a Hot Dog for You!

Hi Friends,

This was me today at work. It's National School Lunch Week, and since I'm a cashier on the line, I said I wouldn't mind wearing the costume. It was fun, but that costume was hot! We had hot dogs for lunch, and the kids were thrilled. I was the hot dog lady! hahahaha (horrible picture)

I had to go to the dentist the other day, 5 cavities! Argh! Apparently some of my medications for RA reduce the amount of saliva I make, so I am more prone to cavities. Good grief!

No stitchy pictures due to exchange stitching. I have finished my stitching, now I need to assemble my exchange piece. I'm sure my exchange partner will like it! I liked it so much I stitched 3 of them!

Well, I need to go pick Jacob up from NEHS meeting. I tell you what, he's very smart and popular, which makes for lots of extra trips to pick him up.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day, it's still raining here and getting chilly! I'm gonna have to get my fall and winter clothes down from the attic. Brrr!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Whirlwind Week-Big News

Hi Friends,

Busy, busy, busy! Val, your RR is heading home! It is finished and it's almost home! I know you said not to iron it, so sorry friends, the linen is a little wrinkly. It's beautiful, and those silks are like butter. So nice to stitch with. So, I'm doing the happy dance that this one is finished! I'm working on Ulla's Spooky RR now, this will be a quick stitch, and my goal is to get it finished this weekend. We have a 4 day holiday, and I have already swept and polished the wood floors and dusted, so I won't feel guilty about my stitchy weekend!

NOW FOR THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! Through the web, I have met Terrie, who has a cross stitch shop in Hiawassee, Ga. I have ordered from her, and I felt a kindred spirit in her. I've only ever emailed her and I like her! I'm thrilled that she is moving her cross stitch shop to Buford (Mall of GA), which is very near to me. I am gonna help out at her new shop! I'm so thrilled. She closes her shop in the mountains on Nov.30, 2009, and she is opening her new shop on Jan.4Th, 2010. I can't wait, just think friends, if you call the shop to order something, you just might get DaisyGirl! I'm so happy to help Terrie out. You know what, I know God has a plan for me, because he knew that Jacob graduating from high school and going off to college would have me lost and needing something to do. And, blessings abound, I met Terrie and now I won't have to worry about being sad and lonesome. (I will have Jason to look after, but he's almost 20 and he doesn't let me baby him.)
So friends, check out The Stitch Store for your cross stitching needs and wants, and maybe I'll be the one who packages it up for you! WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I'm really trying to contain myself! hahahaha)
One more thing, this last picture is of Jacob and I at his Induction of the National English Honor Society! That boy sure makes me proud! That's Morgan, his date for Homecoming. He really likes her! (We ordered her corsage, and he wanted to have 4 roses for her!)
Alrighty friends, I do believe that I've talked your ears off!