Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming Dance

Well, my weekend was pretty much laid back and lazy! I love these kind of weekends. Homecoming was this weekend for Dacula, I'm glad that Jacob had such a great time. He's making memories that will follow him thru life. Look at how gorgeous Morgan is, Jacob and Morgan look so cute together.

Tonight's post will be short, I'm so sleepy, and it's only 8:40pm. I got my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Terrie. (The Dogwood Patch- soon to be The Stitch Store! ) I'm gonna start to pull flosses for this awesome project.


FayeRaye said...

What a cute couple!!! They looks so happy and care-free...oh, those were the days!!lol.....I am into a finishing mini-frenzy so will be getting into my Christmas HRH after the holidays!~ Now, about that hotdog costume...teehee,teehee

Vonna said...

What a darling couple...she's so pretty! And of course Jacob is handsome :)
I love the picture of them "dancing" CUTE!

Kim B said...

Sweet couple!

Michele said...

love pictures like this! hope they had a wonderful time at the Homecoming dance :)

btw, you make one cute hot dog :)

Cheryl said...

Aww they both look lovely! I love her dress