Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Alora!

I sure wish that Aaryn and Kyle would move down here. It's hard not being able to hold her little sweetpea! These latest pictures show just how cute she is. Aaryn looks so happy holding her. We get to see them during the week of Christmas. What an awesome gift for my sis Cathy, getting to be a grandma looks like fun.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we cooked two turkeys. Johnny smoked one in the smoker and I baked one in the oven. I do believe that the smoked turkey was the best of the two. That carcass was picked to the bone. hahaha

I so enjoy having my family over for any occasion. Our annual Christmas party is coming up, I do throw fabulous parties.

I've got my special Christmas Exchange ready to mail! I'm very excited about the present I'm sending. I hope it makes a special person happy!
Hugs for now!


Kim B said...

She is absolutely GORGEOUS! What a doll baby. And such a fighter! There's nothing quite like getting to hold a baby :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How precious is she!!! So glad she is doing so well.

stitcherw said...

She's adorable, what great pictures. I'm so glad you'll get to see her over Christmas and she's doing so well.

Lisa said...

What happy faces and HUGE smiles posted in this posting. Looks like a wonderful family celebration on Thanksgiving! Glad that a big family Christmas celebration is right around the corner! Enjoy and may blessings and happiness fill the house!

Michele said...

Love the picture with Santa! So glad she's doing well :)