Monday, November 2, 2009

Picture Heavy Post

Whoosh! That is how this past 10 days has been. Getting ready for Senior Night, Halloween and just everyday living has been super crazy around this household. Senior night was very hard for me, that's the night when the parents get to escort their child around the football track. As soon as our pictures come in, I'll post one. They had a photographer there to take professional pictures. The moms got a corsage pinned on them, while they walked their son or daughter down, the announcer talked about your child. I did very good friends, I didn't cry till I made it to the bathroom after the parents went to the football stands. I'm already sad that this band season is coming to an end. Give me courage friends, the year creeps closer to an end and then I know the last 5 months will fly by. Sigh..sniff.....snifff..............

Halloween practice was lots of fun, Jacob and I spent the night before sewing his bear costume, he and one of his best buds went as Banjo Koozie? He was the bear, Wes was the bird. Apparently in the video game, Banjo carries Koozie on his back, well, let me tell you what, at the Halloween practice those two boys were a hoot. Jacob carried Wes around while they marched and practiced. Jacob was very sore the next day.

I have a picture of sweet baby Alora! She is doing much better as of today. I keep my fingers crossed that she continues to thrive and get better.

I had to stay late today, I'm the nutrition leader for our school, and each month one of the girls has to put up a bulletin board as part of their incentive bonus check that they get during the summer. Well, Chantel did not get her board up on Friday, and she was absent today, so I had to get up the board. I had to come up with a theme and get the board up. I was abit perturbed, because I hadn't planned on having to do the board. Each month has a theme that has to be up in place by the first of each month, so I had to scramble to come up with a plan. The girls pick which month they want to do, well, I can tell you this, this does not get her off from having to do a board, she will have to do one later this year.
Well, Dancing with the Stars comes on tonight, I must hurry as I like watching and I vote for my star that I want to win "Kelly Osborne" Ozzy's daughter. She can dance, so I like to cast my vote for her! Off for the boob tube!


Kim B said...

The thought of my babies ever getting that big is overwhelming! How do you mommies do it? I can hardly accept the fact that precious Sarah is almost 9 months old!

Alora remains in my thoughts and prayers. I was just thinking of her Friday night actually. What a beautiful girl! So glad she is doing well at home.

CindyMae said...

Alora looks absolutely precious!!! Love the costumes, those are great!!

Vonna said...

Alora is looking so darling...prayers with her for her continued thriving.
What funny pictures of Jacob :)
I don't want to think about my last baby graduating from HS.

Michele said...

love all the pictures! Jacob's costume is hysterical :) And what a cutie Alora is.

Enjoy Jacob's senior year! you are right, it goes much to quickly!