Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proud Moment

Look at this! You can't tell, but it was raining and the wind was blowing. This is our parent/senior picture that we had made on Senior night. They photo shopped us! Both John and Jacob's freckles are missing. hahaha
(I look liked a bloated tick!)
How do you like my new outfit? I haven't bought myself any new clothes in a long time, so for this occasion I decided I wanted a stylish outfit. $ 130
bucks later, this is what I got. I love my new jeans, they have sparkles on them! Wahooo!

We were soaked when we were through. After pictures, seniors could leave early if they wanted too, so a couple of us parents headed out to eat. We had a great time once we were inside and warmed up. We ate at El Jinete, a new mexican restrauant, I picked the shrimp burrito! OMGosh! It was amazing. I've found a new place to eat! hmmm

Can't show any stitchy pictures just yet, waiting on a exchange to show up to show what I made. Cool beans for her though! Y'all will love it!



Cheryl said...

Great picture of you 3! Why on earth did they photo shop it?!

Vonna said...

What a darling picture! I think that Jacob looks a bit like both of you?
I love your outfit :)

Pam said...

You all look great!! Despite the rain, I'm sure it was a great day for all of you.

Kim B said...

Did you say shrimp burrito?! That sounds yummy!!!

That is such a great outfit. I think you look fantastic! And what a wonderful picture of all of you.

Lisa said...

Very nice photo of the three of you...great memories! I love your outfit, especially the sparkly jeans.

LoriRay said...

You three look fabulous! You are so pretty so stop with the "bloated tick" talk. LOL! You have wonderful taste -- love the new outfit!

Finding a new Mexican food restaraunt is never a bad thing. Yummy!

CindyMae said...

Wonderful pic and you can not tell that it was raining at all! What a handsome young man!