Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review! So long 2010!

As I ponder this past years adventures, I am amazed at how fast Father Time travels! I hope that 2011 will be filled with love and laughter and family and friends!

Enjoy afew pics of our 2010!

Monday, December 27, 2010

As I sit here...........

My house is so quiet except for the TV noise in the background. Both boys are gone with friends and John is still working late. I guess I must get used to the quiet, even though my heart is protesting the fact that my children are older and will be venturing out on their own. Spring semester starts Jan. 6th for Jacob, I'm glad he has chosen to live at home to save money, I will be taking him every morning to campus so we will see how that goes.
I'm working on my niece's baby sampler and as soon as I get my charger back, I'll post pictures of what i have! Little Reagan is doing better, we are hanging in there. Some sleep apnea problems going on and we need to be able to maintain our weight and our body temp, but other than that, she is breathing on her own. Go baby girl! Aunt Donna wants to hold you!
I get to see my baby sis tomorrow so I'm happy for that!
Hugs my friends!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hoping Everyone had a Blessed Christmas!

Here in Georgia, we had snow on Christmas! First time on Christmas since the 1800's! How awesome is that? I'd have took pictures but guess who left their camera battery and charger over their momma's house? Me! It was beautiful watching it fall last night! Warm by the fire with my family around me!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Drop by to see me this Wednesday at The Stitch Store! I'm working at the shop! Get ready for Tuesday night Stitch-ins! It starts January the 4th! Remember that we only have 8 seats so call ahead to let us know if you'd like to join us!
Hugs to all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wonderful Christmas Party!

Every year I host our annual Christmas party at my house for my family and I'm excited to say it is growing again! My brother Patrick asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said Yes! So it was exciting to have everyone over! (Poor Kelly was in a wreck on the way over! Can you believe that she was hit and run? At least they caught the lady who hit her! Some people just don't care!) I'm blessed to have Kelly in our family! Wedding, Wedding, Wedding! Wahoo for me! I'm already thinking of bridal stuff!

My great baby niece Reagan is doing good, still in the NICU and my niece Tiffany has got the blues so bad, please pray for her that her little princess gets to come home soon! I know it must have been hard leaving the hospital without a baby in her arms!

Speaking of babies, my baby Jason will turn 21 on Thursday! Gosh, where did the time go?

Are y'all ready for Christmas? I have 2 more presents to get tomorrow! Then I will be finished! I'm so behind in my stitching, so I'm looking forward to things calming down so I can get back to stitching! Gotta get Reagan's birth sampler finished, plus gotta work on Patrick and Kelly's wedding sampler.

Well it's late and I need to get in the bed! Busy day tomorrow!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally got my tree decorated! Plus a new baby!

Thank you to all my friends who wished me peace and love after my doggy Brutus had to be put to sleep. It's been very quiet here at our house, my kitties are doing their best to keep me occupied. Butters has been in my lap every time I sit down. Bless them for that. They know Brutus is gone.

I got my tree decorated and I still need to finish my mantel, but I need to get some material to finish it off. A big thanks goes out to Edgar for brightening up my day with some Christmas goodies! Johnny ate everyone of those cherries Edgar! I didn't even get a taste! He sure did enjoy them!

Anna, thank you for one of your cookies! It smells heavenly! Superb decorating skills my girl!

I'd like to introduce you all to my newest great niece Reagan Leigh Richey! She was born 12 weeks early by emergency c-section. I'm glad I was there for support for my niece Tiffany and Justin. It was quite scary, but the Lord watched over my girls and Momma is doing fine and baby Reagan is a fighter! She is 12 days old and weighs 3lbs now! Yea! I can't wait till I get to hold her!

I better get a move on her cross stitch! I figured I had plenty of time! hahahaha

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sad news......

It is so hard when it comes to having a pet put to sleep, but this afternoon when I got home from the gym, I knew it was Brutus's time. :(

18 years is a long time for a dog and I'm blessed to say that my boys were there for me during this hard time. He will no longer be hurting or having seizures or being unable to hold his bowels, I know that I probably should have had him put to sleep last year, but I couldn't. But today I let my baby rest in peace. I will miss you ruffy tuff!

My heart is sad and I'm unable to type anymore tonight!

Hug your pets my friends!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look at my BlackBird Design Exchange that I got!

Wow! What an awesome piece! And all for me! It even has my initial on it! So everyone knows it belongs to me! It is beautiful and I'm thrilled beyond words! She made it at a Blackbirds Design workshop! To be able to meet them would be a dream come true for me! Plus the handmade card! I've got to find that and post that picture too!

Been so busy, joined a gym, exercising my booty off! I'm down to a size 12 or 14 depending on the cut! Thrilled with that, gonna try to get to size 10/12 next!

Down to 13 more days left in school! Yes! We need a break!

Well, gotta hit the hay! Since we are so short staffed at school, I'm having to go in and help with breakfast, so I'm kinda tired!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sad news..........

I just found out today that one of my stitching girlfriends passed away the other day. She was only 57. It is heartbreaking news as Laurie was the sweetest woman that I've ever met. She was always smiling and never fussed or complained, I will miss her at our stitching luncheons and I'm asking all to pray for her husband. It's gonna be tough since they had just recently lost their son, and now he has lost his wife. Please keep Jeff in your prayers.

I worked at the shop today and since I hadn't been there in over a month due to my kidney surgery, I got to see all the new stuff that had gotten delivered! My goody bag was full tonight when I came home! Y'all call the shop if you need something and I'll get it out in the mail!
Hugs my friends!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hot Momma in her new car!

New 2010 Dodge Avenger! Love it! Awesome stereo too!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ya'll are not gonna believe how much my insurance rate raised! $758.00 Just because of Jason wrecking my car! Hell, if I'd of known that, I'd of said I was driving and I swerved to miss the deer! Yikes! Jason of course now needs to go and get a job to help pay for car insurance if he wants to continue to drive our vehicles! I just think it's a major rip off!We haven't had a claim in over 7 years! Thanks alot Metlife! Snoopy needs to go bite their leg! lol
On to other news: on Halloween, we had to admit my Momma to the hospital. She has COPD and Diabetes, so we were kinda worried when she told us her chest was hurting, I feared congestive heart failure, as that does run in our family, they are not yet clear about why she is experiencing that. She says it feels like a concrete block is sitting on her chest. Then the sensation goes away, but comes back, not constant, but it makes me worry. So, I'm going back up to the hospital tomorrow to visit my mommy again. All prayers would be appreciated!
Plus John's Momma had a TIA last weekend! It has been a roller coaster ride over at our house!
Can't wait till things start to calm down!
More tomorrow!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween! Car news!

I'm not sure whether I'll get trick or treaters tonight or tomorrow night! So, I'm ready and set up to pass out candy!
I hope everyone has a safe weekend! Be careful!

Now on to exciting news! Many of you didn't know that Jason totalled my car last week, so we have been on the hunt for me a new one! I hate having to get a new car, I was 8 months left paying on the the Focus! Guess who gets to start over! Wahoo!

But, this is the car I'm looking for! A Dodge Avenger! Very sporty and we are going car shopping tomorrow.

I'll let all know what I decide on! There are just way too many cars to choose from :)

Happy Halloween Friends!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crawling out from under the covers..........

Since Oct.13, I have been in and out of the hospital, I've got a whopper of a kidney stone that decided to rear it's ugly head. I used a new group of doctors and let's just say I will not be returning to them. What a nightmare!

I'm at 3 surgeries right now, no stone has emerged and it's the 23rd already. :( I just had the stent removed and they managed to rip every part of my urethra. Of course I didn't feel anything until the numbing meds wore off and then the pain from hell attacked me. Johnny took me back to the ER to find out what was going on. Geez, all I want is to feel better. When I woke up from my 2nd. surgery, they had my IV in my neck! Geez! I know I'm a hard stick, but come on, my neck?!

Sorry that I don't have any decent pictures! I look horrible! The vain one!

I'm planning on trying to go back to school later this week, just hoping that I can pass the stone soon! Who ever invented kidney stones needs to be shot!

As soon as my exchange partner gets her Halloween ornament, I'll post pictures!

I'm missing visiting my blogging buddies! Hope to at least be awake more today!



Saturday, October 9, 2010

No luck on the pinkeep yet.....

Terrie is gonna order the Blackbird Designs "Harvest pinkeep" so I'm excited to hopefully get it by next week! I stopped by the shop today to visit and met a new lady named Donna! We are just so popular! lol She also wanted the pinkeep too! She signed up for the Blackbird monthly program that I send out to customers!

I had a fun evening, even though John says I'm terribly expensive to keep up! lol I said I was worth every penny and hey, it's cheaper than divorce!

We went out to eat at El Jinete, then we went to the bowling alley and bowled a couple games, of which I lost! Plus we played some arcade games, had a few drinks and then I drove us home! I've got to find a couple who we can do things together with, make it more fun and exciting! I'm very competitive, and I'm a hand full I know! Everytime he missed, I was hooting and cheering! I know, I'm terrible aren't I! But, it was alot of fun and I can't wait to go again! Next time, we won't eat mexican, we can just eat appetizers at the bowling alley! John was so stuffed! I was smart and didn't eat too much!

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!


ps: I had a cute picture of me bowling, but John did not save it! I need to show him how to use his phone! lol

More pictures from the vain one! lol

Can't wait to show off my new outfit tomorrow! Black jeans and a leather jacket! Sizzle! Hot Momma!

I've plans to drop by the shop tomorrow to check on Harvest pinkeep from Blackbird Designs! Cross my fingers!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I have a 3 day weekend and I'm planning on partying tomorrow night! I've talked John into hopefully taking me out for drinks and to go bowling! Haven't bowled in a coons age! So we will see how I do! It is terribly late so I need to get some sleep!

I've met a new friend today, hi Sandy! Don't work to hard today!
Night y'all!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not alot going on just yet.....

I've been very busy, we have been short staffed plus our boss has been let go, so it's been a friggin nightmare at work! It needs to hurry up and get better, we all have just about worked ourselves sick!

I'm working on exchanges, so no pictures of stitchy goodness! I need to call the shop and see if the new Blackbird Designs reward of merit pattern is in! I want that one for sure!

I've good news.....I'm gonna be an aunt! My niece Tiffany is having a baby girl! I'm very excited about this news! Girl stuff is so much more cuter to buy for! The baby is due in Feb. 2011 so I gotta put on the cross stitch burn to get some presents made!

Hoping everyone is having a great week so far!

I hope most of you went over to Edgar's blog and wished him a happy birthday! I know I did! Plus I've got to get a little package sent to him! I'm terribly behind as usual!

I'll leave a picture of me instead! This is me after my evening exercise! I'm walking 1 hour a day now, I walk for the most part very fast, then I sprint the last leg of my route home! Whew! I used to jog when I was younger, but gosh I'm totally wiped out by my hour!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a weekend!

All I can say is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

I worked at The Stitch Store on Saturday, so I was able to get my stitchy goodness in! hahahaha

I've got some pictures of our Halloween area and our new mascot "Sybiliciousness!" Terrie took my picture of our girl scarecrow that Sybil bought for the shop! Love her! Call the shop if you need anything from the Fall Market! I can't wait till we start to get all the new patterns and cool stitchy gifts!

As to stitching, I'm working on my Halloween Exchange so I guess I can't really show that picture. But do enjoy the pictures from Saturday!

Tomorrow is my next IV treatment, so wish the nurse luck so she doesn't have to stick me more than 5 times! Yikes to that!

Well, I'm off to stitch my friends!
ps: The wind was blowing something fierce outside on Saturday! I'm so glad Fall is here!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gosh! Where does the days go???

Hello friends! Father Time does not stop for anyone! I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post. Life seems to get in the way most days lately. I've been busy with school, family and The Stitch Store. I'm saddened to say that our Monday night stitch-ins are stopping due to the fact that poor Terrie has to work a second job. I hope that Terrie doesn't overdo and gets sick. I do know that it takes money to keep a shop going and it's very expensive for her. So please, if you need anything, just give the shop a call or email or visit the shop for your cross stitch needs or desires.

We did have our Saturday luncheon at the shop and it was a fun filled Saturday with friends. Terrie had a training to attend too, so it was Kenneth and me! We did pretty good I think! Check the shop website for pictures of our Chinese exchange! I almost stole Diane's package for Terrie since it had a Starbucks gift card in it, but I was a sweetie and didn't! Sorry Terrie, but I hope you liked the giftie I chose for you!

I've been working on several projects, plus waiting on my new exchange partners' names for upcoming exchanges! Exchanges are so much fun! With Fall in the air, I must get a move on it to complete a bunch of presents!

Many of you all know that Jacob was unable to afford Berry, so we postponed until the Winter semester, well, it's that time again, so here we go again! We are applying to a couple new schools that he has expressed and interest in, so we will be visiting schools again! This time it will have to be a state school so that the tuition will be covered by the Hope Scholarship. Cross our fingers friends! January will be here before I'm ready!

I'm hoping that we are able to go to the fair this weekend! I love going and walking around smelling the foods and seeing the farm critters and crafts exhibit. I'm off this weekend so I've got my fingers crossed that we can go!

I'll leave everyone with a small quote and a hug!
"Life may seem to hurry your days away, but try to remember to enjoy each moment that you have!"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've been stitching, really I have.............

I've been working on Olga at home on my needlework system. Plus stitching on Eat Locally from Lizzie Kate! Our cafeteria is participating in a new program called Farm to School! It's about providing fresh produce direct to our schools from local farmers! August has been Watermelons, September is Bell Peppers. I want this sitting on my desk, I know it will look cute.

Work has been so busy and work is hard. We are short 2 workers and no new workers in sight. At least we are able to use the throw away trays, we are trying to look into a recycle program, but with costs involved, I'm sure with our cut backs, we might not get the funds to do the program. Oh how I wish the economy would snap back. Things would get so much better!

See y'all later!
ps: Look at this beautiful ribbon trim I ordered! I so love trim of all kinds!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Annie Get Your Gun!

Wahoo! Look at my new gun! I like to skeet shoot and Johnny bought me a new shotgun made to fit me! I'm the proud owner of a Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam 20 gauge shotgun. I will need to learn how to hold it right handed though. Shooting left handed has probably caused me not to hit as many targets as I'd like.

I did stitch a little last night! Thank goodness for that! My Olga cat is coming along nicely, I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Well, it's late once again and 7am comes awfully early for me! hahaha



Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Exhaustion!

I just had to borrow this clip art from my sisters' blog. It sums up how I feel today! I am so tired! My dogs are barking very loudly tonight! I am not even gonna go to stitch night. I will be resting on the couch for the evening! I have more hours right now since we are short 2 workers in my cafeteria. So I might be working for a while with longer hours. I just hope I can keep up!

I haven't stitched in 4 days! Yikes to that thought! I need to get back to stitching everyday again. I've got very ambitious Christmas presents in mind.

Jacob is away on his adventure, he has called me once so far. He is suppose to call me tonight. I've got alot of info for him from the college. He's gonna be slammed when he gets home! He comes home on the 16th, money due on the 17th, move in on the 18th, plus sometime in there is Bear Essentials that he has to do! what this means for me is that I will be rushed trying to get him moved into his dorm in less then 2 days! Ugh!!!!!

Well, I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open! I'm signing off for the night!

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stitch Night and more.....

Monday night was stitch-in, and as usual, fun was had by all! Look at Margaret's kitty calendar monthly! Love it!

School is upon us once again, I've been busy getting these 3 bulletin boards made, our theme this year is Cat in the Hat/Dr. Seuss. I'm so excited to have a fun theme to work with this year!

Jacob is getting ready to leave for a cross country road trip with 6 other friends! Yikes! Lord, please watch over these young men as they sow their wild oats! Boys, please DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID! If I get a phone call from the cops, Jacob you are grounded for life!!!!!

Must breathe! I'm so strung out with worry over this trip. I know he's 18, but you have to remember the rocks/train incident, I'm having a hard time with me thinking they will get into trouble again! Send me good vibes friends! I sure need them! He will be gone for 10 days!

I start Remicade on Aug. 17th! I'm excited to be starting this new med finally. My hands and feet hurt so bad! Always so stiff. :(

Well, Jacob needs to go pick up supplies for his trip, so we are off to Wally world!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Olga update....

I've restarted Olga, stitching her over 2, and she is shaping up pretty quickly! Yea!

Plus I bought my cat Butters and Daisy this funky s-shaped toy that they can play with. You rub cat nip in the sisal part, they both like it very much. Now with me going back to school, the cats are lonely and I thought this would be a fun thing to play with while I'm gone.

We have been getting the kitchen set back up! Whew! It is so hot and we haven't even cooked anything yet. Our school kinda flunked on our energy usage last year, so they have turned up all the thermostats in the school. It is gonna be terrible till the cooler weather gets here in November.
I'm working today at home on the nutrition bulletin boards that have to be up by Wednesday of next week. I've got 2 that I'm doing and the new asst. manager is going to do the outside welcome one for me. Our new a.m. seems nice, time will tell. We are short workers again this year. They asked if I could start work at 8am instead of 9:30am until they decide what they will do with Maryann(she needs surgery on her foot) so she's out on long term disability. I hope I can keep up!

Well, gotta get back to designing and cutting out my flowers for our boards! See ya!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Couple more pics..........

Sweet "16" pics! These are the flip flops I made! I used Angela Yosten's pattern from her blog Moda Home Mom! I love reading her blog, it's mostly quilting but every now and then she has awesome ideas! Loved making these! So easy!

We had a great day at The Stitch Store! Next weekend is our monthly stitch in, looking forward to seeing our regular crew! And yes, I'll bring my stitching, I'll stitch along if I can, but customers do come first!

Hugs my friends!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 to my Katelyn!

I have been very busy getting fabric pinwheel wands made, making flip flops to match for each friend of Katelyn's. Cathy and I decorated their kitchen and transformed it into a magical spa night for the girls! So much fun, and as Cathy has most of the close up pictures of the cake and table, I'll have to post them another day. Enjoy the pictures I do have. I had so much fun tonight, but I am tired and I work at the shop tomorrow!

So lights out for me!