Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday!

I can't wait! I plan to be a lazy hound dog and stitch this weekend! I've got 2 exchanges to assemble and get in the mail. So I'll be busy with that. Plus my nephew Tim is home from Kuwait and we are cooking out on the grill for him. It will be nice to see him. He loves his Aunt Donna's pecan pie muffins! Which I will have plenty for him to munch on.
Market is this weekend and I know Terrie will be very busy looking and deciding what will be great for The Stitch Store! I'm hoping for totally cool things to see when she gets back!
I haven't passed my kidney stone yet, the darn thing just moved to a cozy spot and hopefully it can stay there for awhile without bothering me. Did you know it can take up to 2 years to make a stone? Plus it can takes months to pass? That's just crazy, but I have passed more than my share of stones. as of last count, I've passed a total of 32 stones. My KUB exam shows 3 stones, so I know sooner or later those little suckers will travel down. hahaha
Just think friends, in 3 and half months my baby will graduate from high school. I'm already sniffling just thinking of it! My older son Jason has asked Jolissa out on a date. Well, I just love that girl, she was one of my band kids from last year. I know they will enjoy themselves on their date. Maybe she can jump start Jason into wanting to get a job. He will need money to take her out. hahaha
We are watching the Olympics and cheering on the USA. I want to see the curling events. I think that John wants to see that too. As to us, I do feel alittle better. I think it is very easy to get into a dull, day to day routine and forget why you married this person. I do love him and we are getting to a point in our relationship that no longer is consumed by what the kids need or want, but with what we need or want. I'm hoping that John's work will hold out and he can stay working so that we can take a holiday together. We really need it. What women doesn't want to be wooed all over again? I know I do. I want some romance back in our life. (I know what y'all are thinking, don't we all?)
I've blown your ears off for the night! Hoping everyone has a great Friday and a fun weekend!


Kim B said...

Weekend stitchy time is the best!

Marriage is hard. We all need a little romance :)

And I'm pretty certain that if I will it to be so, my children will stay little forever! I'm the mama and I said that's how it's gonna be!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You deserve some down time! Enjoy and be lazy all you want!

FayeRaye said...

Enjoy your weekend... Everybody wants some love and attention!~ things will improve if you take time for some together-time...