Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Night Stitch-In!

Well, as usual the table was packed! I am quite enjoying these Tuesday nights! As I said to someone earlier, it's a chance for women smackdown! (You men know we talk about you!) Little Joe Joe was there keeping everyone company. I showed Terrie my Farmville, and we forgot to close it down, and Joe Joe was intently watching all my farm critters move about the farm. So funny!

Don't forget about our Sunday Football Special! We will be open on SuperBowl Sunday from 10am to 5pm. We will have snacks, feel free to drop by and spend the afternoon with us. Bring your favorite yummy to eat and let's have fun!

Here's a couple of pictures from tonights stitch-in!
As to me wanting to lose 20 pounds, I'm gonna start swimming, which will be tomorrow night, plus I'm gonna cheat and try some Dexatrim. With all my RA meds, I can't seem to lose any weight. So I'm gonna try and jump start myself! Vanity lately has gripped me something fierce. I want to stay young looking forever! So wish me luck. Plus I'm trying to drink more water! I drank 3 8oz. water bottles today! Wahoo! (I know I'm supposed to drink more than that, but Gosh! I hate the bloated feeling you get!)

Well, it's getting close to midnight once again, Farmville/checked! Petville/checked! Pictures loaded on blogger/checked!

Getting to bed on time! Not! but, hey it's worth it!
Night friends!


Vonna said...

What a darling picture of you :) Your stitch night sound like LOADS of fun :)

Karen said...

I wanted to go last night - but I decided to stay home & go to bed early instead. I don't know if I'll venture out Sunday or not - depends on the weather and how high Laundry Mountain is :)

Tanya said...

What a fun picture of you, Donna. You look like such a fun person - wish you were closer! The stitch in looks like fun - always great fun with liked minded crafty sorts get together :)


Stargazer said...

Thank you. Wink Wink.
Love ya Sis.
PS Having second thoughts about my decision again. When will it ever end?