Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday night at the shop!

Another fun night at stitch-in! It is so much fun everyone! I really enjoy these evenings. Talking smack, cross stitching, eating M&M's, well, I didn't cheat tonight. Not one M&M for me! Not even a Mountain Dew! God, I wanted one really bad though! I drank water, and had one coffee drink!

My Valdani floss came in, so I'll be trying punch needle friends! I got the Christmas Stamp pattern from With Thy Needle! Wahoo! I love her stuff!

Market is coming up and I can't wait! New cool stuff to drool over! It's next weekend!

Last night was the 4th Annual Taste of Dacula! It was awesome! Best yet! I'm so glad that Jacob's Senior year is turning out to be the best for him! I'm trying to make sure he gets to do what he wants! I was last nights announcer with the mic, and let me tell you, I love the mic! Give me a mic and I'm happy! I would so love Karaoke! But, alas John and I will never get to do something like that together. I'd embarrass him! hahaha
I was a Drama Geek and a singer in my school years. I remember getting up and singing during our Senior Talent Show! I sang two songs! I wish I would have pursued that more!

Well, friends, it's after midnight once again! I'm hopping between Facebook and Blogger, so I'm gonna sign out!


Lisa said...

The stitch in looks like it was a lot of fun! And a "Way to Go" for you not cheating. I bet that was hard, so you definitely get a pat on the back for that accomplishment. Happy to hear the senior year is going well!
Take care!

Karen said...

Hey - I think you're missing a couple of pictures :) It was fun last night - boy am I pooped today! This work thing sure cuts into my stitching... :(

Kim B said...

I need an ounce of your self control! You're amazing!