Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Weekend and a death in the family.....

Had a very busy weekend plus John's Aunt Ruth passed away on Sunday. Tonight was the funeral home visitation and the funeral is tomorrow. They did such a wonderful job on Aunt Ruth, she looked so pretty and honestly, she just looked liked she was sleeping. (Which btw, is how she passed, peacefully sleeping)
I meant to blog the other day about posting my exchanges in the mail, so I'm hoping my partners get their goodies soon. I didn't get to go to stitch-in tonight, which makes me little sad, I look forward to Tuesday nights, now I'll have to wait till next week! :(
Has anyone seen the cute little chick design in the Just Crossstitch magazine from Brooke Nolan? I love that little chick, I'm gonna do my best to just stitch her and make a pin for Easter! She is so springy! I love her!
Well friends, bed is calling, tomorrow will be very busy!


Kim B said...

Oh Donna. So sorry to hear about another passing in your family. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

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