Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Night Stitch-In!

I love getting to wear more pink! Thanks Terrie!

Happy Stitch night again! It felt great to be back after being sick for so long! Our little group continues to grow! It's great to meet other stitchers out in the world! I am starting to feel human again and I'm so glad! We have had a great day today, sunny and warm and just beautiful! Spring is just around the corner. We have an upcoming 3 day weekend and I plan to try to get my patterns in some sort of order. I do not have to work this weekend at the shop, so I'm hoping the weather will be great so we can grill out.

We are on the downhill spiral of getting closer to graduation for my youngest Jacob! It is coming closer and I'm getting sad that it's almost over for him. He has also applied to SCAD in Savannah, I'd love for him to be able to go there. Jacob is such an artist and I know he'd like to be in the illustrator or animator field, crossing our fingers there. It's such a shame that everyone of these schools require fees just to apply. Some are $25, some or $50 or even higher, it doesn't seem like alot, but when you apply to 5 to 10 colleges like they instruct you too, it can get very expensive, and that's just for application fees! Yikes! Just this month alone, I've spent close to $250 dollars just in fees, and its only March 9th! I need to win the lotto! hahaha
Well friends, it's late once again and I'm getting sleepy!
Talk soon!
PS:the stitchy piece is Ulla's Halloween round robin, the top right is my block! Our Halloween RR is finally completed! Every one's RR turned out awesome!


Ulla said...

Thanks Donna, I received my RR yesterday! I really love it!

April Mechelle said...

Cute in your pink !!! That Halloween RR is great, I love the colors !!

Karen said...

RATS! I wish I had been there last night, but it was my turn to be sick :( I will be there next week!! I love the Halloween RR!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always taking pictures and posting about our Tuesday nights. I sure had a great time!

Pam said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better. And pink is definately your color! Good luck to Jacob on his college applications. I remember those days.

Kim B said...

Good luck with those applications and the fees! Yikes! You look great in pink!