Monday, May 31, 2010

A Tiny glimpse of Jacob thru the Years! Enjoy!

Enjoy my friends! Many years of wonderful memories!

Jacob Bennett Class of 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation Pictures!

Well friends, I made it, but the emotions have taken a toll on me. I kept my tears at bay, but sitting here in the quiet house with no kids here, I can finally cry without saying "I'm sorry, I can't help it". Graduation day has come and gone and our party was spectacular! I've always known Jacob was popular, but I was quite surprised at how many showed up, at one time we had over 50 in our house. Thank you all for making this day so special for Jacob! My heart felt so full I thought it would burst with pride.

Tomorrow is Jacob's last time marching with the band. They are marching in the memorial day parade in Dacula! I love our small town! (Well, it isn't as small as it used to be!) I'm finally gonna get to see him march by like a normal parent! I'm looking forward to cotton candy! Hoping for no rain too!

I'm gonna watch Operation Petticoat tonight and stitch! I just love that movie! I'm gonna try and put up my slideshow that I made for Jacob on the blog, so hopefully look for it tomorrow!
Well, I'm gonna go have a pina colada and chill out with the hubs! He's so glad to have me back!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's almost over! Give me two more days.......

Schools out! Hooray for summer vacation. Jacob has graduation practice this morning, graduate tomorrow and then how am I gonna fit 50+plus people in my house? lol I'm sitting here waiting on him to get finished, we've got to go to the mall for a new dress shirt for him to wear. Plus he wants to go job hunting too today. Geez! We've got to get the house cleaned, grass cut and I've got to start making sausage balls. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it all.
Jason has promised to help me get the slide show put together. I've got all the pictures loaded, just need to crop and edit and add music. We are gonna have playing on the TV during the party.
I just got the new LHN ornament "Merry skater", Terrie at The Stitch Store cut my linen yesterday and I've got all the threads ready to start! Hey, who wants to join me in making this awesome ornament? Give the shop a call and let's get started!
Well friends, work beckons my name, no rest just yet!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whew! Countdown to Graduation!

I am exhausted today! Late night yesterday with Jacob getting another honor cord, plus insanity at work ( thank goodness that we only have 8 more days), then help out getting our senior gift bags stuffed for our band kids, get home to find our neighbors need help moving, so load the truck and we are off to help them. Finally home, it's almost 9pm. I'm pooped! lol I'm vegging out in front of the computer.

Here is a picture of Jacob from the spring concert, he dressed up like the little old man from the movie "UP", he's with my Momma. It's really a great picture, I'm glad to have it for future memories. Tomorrow is our band banquet, I hope I don't cry too much. This afternoon while helping Ann and Betsy get the senior bags together, all three of us doing our best to stay upbeat.

Well friends, I'm off to help Jacob finish up getting his invitations done. They go out in the mail tomorrow!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working on a couple of projects!

Tuesday night was stitch in and I was able to make it! Things are still going fast forward in my household. We have another induction ceremony for Jacob tomorrow night. So I'll be busy with that. I'm trying to hurry and speed stitch a couple of cute and quick little gifts for a couple of band moms that have been involved with me since the beginning in 6th grade! That's when Jacob started band. It's hard to believe it's almost over. Sigh..................
I've finished Jacob's locker template, I spent 3 hours scrap booking that template for Jacob. I hope he likes it!
I haven't heard yet if Meghan received my ornament yet. So I can't show you all what I stitched for her. I've already picked out the next ornie that I'm gonna start for the next round. I can't wait to give my niece her little pillow kit. I think she should be just fine as long as she has help with learning how to cross stitch.
Well friends, I'm falling asleep at the computer, so lights out!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my Momma!

This is my beautiful Momma! This is on her wedding day and she looks radiant! I'm so blessed that God chose her to be my Momma!

All my Love to the most beautiful woman in my life! Happy Mother's Day!


Donna May

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Honors Night and Symphonic Recital Concert

I'm sure as ya'll are getting tired of Jacob, but too bad, I've got more pictures!

Last week was concert and Jacob got to do alittle skit for the night, the only ones who knew about were Jacob, myself and Harkness. The kids didn't even know. Jacob got up and left during one of the pieces of music to hurry to back of the stage where I was waiting, we stripped him out of his tux and got him into a gray old mans suit, I spray painted his hair white, a couple dozen balloons and my Momma's walker: A pretty good impression of the little man from "UP", his cue was when they started playing the music from UP, it was awesome! The whole theater cheered him on and gave him a standing ovation! What a night!

Last night was Honors Night, and Jacob received alot of honors, he will wear 4 cords around his neck and his Honor medal too, they made a mistake and forgot to call his name for making a 1800 plus on his SAT, they told him that he'd have that cord too, not to worry, yada yada, but I know he wanted to walk across the stage once again for recognition. But, all in all, he was pretty happy with himself! I was so proud!

Tonight is stitch night, so I'll be busy with that tonight. See ya later.

I'm proud of my Honor Student! Who gets to exempt all his final exams! Way to Go Jacob!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jacob's Senior Pictures! Awesome Smiles!

From this to now!
I love you son!

Jacob's Senior Pictures! So Handsome!

Jacob Donald Bennett
Class of 2010

Let me tell you this, it's hard trying to pick which poses to get, I wished I had a million bucks. I'd have bought the whole collection. I was only able to afford 8 poses, but I got alot of pictures though! Our photographer was fun to work with and we all know that my Jacob is a picture hound! hahaha