Thursday, July 29, 2010

Olga update....

I've restarted Olga, stitching her over 2, and she is shaping up pretty quickly! Yea!

Plus I bought my cat Butters and Daisy this funky s-shaped toy that they can play with. You rub cat nip in the sisal part, they both like it very much. Now with me going back to school, the cats are lonely and I thought this would be a fun thing to play with while I'm gone.

We have been getting the kitchen set back up! Whew! It is so hot and we haven't even cooked anything yet. Our school kinda flunked on our energy usage last year, so they have turned up all the thermostats in the school. It is gonna be terrible till the cooler weather gets here in November.
I'm working today at home on the nutrition bulletin boards that have to be up by Wednesday of next week. I've got 2 that I'm doing and the new asst. manager is going to do the outside welcome one for me. Our new a.m. seems nice, time will tell. We are short workers again this year. They asked if I could start work at 8am instead of 9:30am until they decide what they will do with Maryann(she needs surgery on her foot) so she's out on long term disability. I hope I can keep up!

Well, gotta get back to designing and cutting out my flowers for our boards! See ya!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Couple more pics..........

Sweet "16" pics! These are the flip flops I made! I used Angela Yosten's pattern from her blog Moda Home Mom! I love reading her blog, it's mostly quilting but every now and then she has awesome ideas! Loved making these! So easy!

We had a great day at The Stitch Store! Next weekend is our monthly stitch in, looking forward to seeing our regular crew! And yes, I'll bring my stitching, I'll stitch along if I can, but customers do come first!

Hugs my friends!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 to my Katelyn!

I have been very busy getting fabric pinwheel wands made, making flip flops to match for each friend of Katelyn's. Cathy and I decorated their kitchen and transformed it into a magical spa night for the girls! So much fun, and as Cathy has most of the close up pictures of the cake and table, I'll have to post them another day. Enjoy the pictures I do have. I had so much fun tonight, but I am tired and I work at the shop tomorrow!

So lights out for me!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

OK, I give up........

I have been trying to stitch Olga over one thread, :( I have decided to call it quits with what I've got and start over! Plus anyway I really dislike alphabets so I will only stitch The cat! Whew! I was feeling very discouraged with how slowly it was stitching, plus my poor eyes just can't see that tiny stuff anymore!

So, I'm cut gonna cut that portion off when I'm finished! :) So hopefully I'll be able to show some progress later this week!

I have been very busy preparing for my niece's Sweet 16 birthday party! I am hosting her Fairytale Girl's Night Spa Treat! I will definitely take pictures, but I can't reveal too much because I know Katelyn reads my blog! All I can say is it's gonna be AWESOME! Just think, I get to do this again in 6 years for Maddie! Yeehaw! All this girl stuff is heavenly!

My summer is just about over :(

I've heard thru the grapevine that this year is gonna be horrible! I can't take much more of this stupid turmoil at my school! I have been putting in applications elsewhere, so I need to make more money to help pay for college. Plus I've got to jump start Jason(my oldest who will be 21) into trying to go to tech school.

Well, I'm off to start Amish Fried Chicken for Sunday dinner!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feet relief at last!

My heels are doing better, thank goodness. John went out and bought me a ped egg and some Heel Crack cream, and it has helped. Plus using the cream and wearing socks to bed has helped too!

We are on the down hill to back to school! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I go back July 27th :(

It doesn't seem possible but yet here I am dreading going back! I was really hoping for a pain relief summer with my RA/PsA but Simponi is not working, I swear it has made my psoriasis worse if that's possible. I got back on the 23rd of this month, so it looks like a med change is in order.

I have started Olga from Plum Street Sampler! I'm so excited to stitch that cat! I love her! I only have a couple of stitches in her, I'm stitching her over 1, so it's slow going! lol I'm also working on Merry Stitcher from LHN, just love her stuff too! I hate that blogger has turned her picture sideways! It was correct when I clicked on the picture to load.
Hoping everyone is having a great start to the week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poor little feet!

I have been trying my best to stay off my feet, Why you ask? I have cracked heels on both of my feet. All I know is Tuesday morning my feet were hurting like I'd cut myself, lo and behold, they were split open in numerous spots. Good grief, I've never had that happen before, so Johnny's been bandaging up my tootsies to keep them from getting infected. Such a sweet hubby! Has anyone else experienced this also? How long will it take for the cracks to heal. One really bad one was bleeding, that one hurts like heck! Crazy huh!

I'm working on a LHN project for a family member, I know she will love it!

As to Jacob's college woes, we are now just waiting to see if he can get accepted at GGC and then hopefully transfer to GCSU. I'm crossing my fingers. A friend named Lee sure gave this poor ole Momma some hope! Thanks Lee!

This weekend is Stitch-In at the shop! I can't wait, it's my Saturday to work!

Hugs to you my friends!


Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Pics and Fun

My niece Katie is so beautiful! Just her being next to me brings me joy! Her birthday is coming up, and I can't wait! Terrie is another little guy who has won my heart!
Hugs my friends!

Happy 4th Pictures!

What a great day! I love my family!

Cathy won the Uncle Sam pillow! Wahoo! I've got big news that I'll spill tomorrow!

Hugs my friends!


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hoping everyone has a great holiday and be safe with the fireworks. I always have a 4th of July party and we are doing ribs on the grill with tons of sides! I miss you Judy! Sorry that y'all couldn't be here this year!

I've got my mantel decorated with all my holiday goodies! I'm really happy with how my tall Uncle Sam pillow came out! One lucky family member will win it today to take home for them to decorate next year.

On the college front, no change yet, we are trying to get into some State Colleges since our Hope Lottery program will pay for all the tuition. Keep your fingers crossed, alot of the colleges that accepted him before he chose Berry are already full. We've got about 3 or 4 hopefuls. Ga Southern looks promising. I'm hoping with every scrap of hope I can come up with that we can squeeze him somewhere for the fall.
A big thanks to Lee who emailed me, that was very sweet to help lift my spirits. I know I sure need them.

Have a wonderful 4th my friends!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures of Berry and depressing news!

Berry was so beautiful and everything was so perfect...............until it was our turn in the financial aid office. There is a deficit of $10,000 of which we will have to pay for per year times 4 years. When Jacob got his schlorship letter, to us it looked like he was getting $18,000 per year, well he is but the school is almost 29,000 per year. I am devastated because we can't qualify for more than $6700 in loans, so I've been in such a state of despair. I feel liked I've failed and let my son down. Where is the college fairy when you need her? Berry is a private school so of course it costs more.

I'm not giving up yet, but I know I don't want to put us in such a tight space that we could lose if work falls thru. John was laid off for 6 months last year, plus knowing that he needs shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff I just feel helpless.

I'm hoping that we will be able to find a state school that will squeeze him in for fall. He's smart, Honor graduate and made 1940 something on his SAT, but I fear it's too late to get him in somewhere for fall. I know Berry had already given him his fall schedule. If he can get in a state school then money won't be an issue, Hope program will pay for tuition. Please pray for us that we can get Jacob enrolled somewhere. I'm know my son is shutting down all his feelings right now, I know that I've cried enough for both of us. Sigh..................I promised him I wouldn't cry anymore but I can't seem to stop my tears.

I don't mean to depress everyone, but being able to talk it out does help. Smile :)
No stitching yet, hoping to some tomorrow!