Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've been stitching, really I have.............

I've been working on Olga at home on my needlework system. Plus stitching on Eat Locally from Lizzie Kate! Our cafeteria is participating in a new program called Farm to School! It's about providing fresh produce direct to our schools from local farmers! August has been Watermelons, September is Bell Peppers. I want this sitting on my desk, I know it will look cute.

Work has been so busy and work is hard. We are short 2 workers and no new workers in sight. At least we are able to use the throw away trays, we are trying to look into a recycle program, but with costs involved, I'm sure with our cut backs, we might not get the funds to do the program. Oh how I wish the economy would snap back. Things would get so much better!

See y'all later!
ps: Look at this beautiful ribbon trim I ordered! I so love trim of all kinds!


Kim B said...

Beautiful projects! I hope the economy snaps back soon too :/

Sonda in OR said...

Those ARE lovely trims. And lovely WIPs.

Heidi said...

Very pretty!

kimstitch3 said...

hey girl, I love your updated blog.looks great.Glad you are doing well too.love,Kimberly