Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween! Car news!

I'm not sure whether I'll get trick or treaters tonight or tomorrow night! So, I'm ready and set up to pass out candy!
I hope everyone has a safe weekend! Be careful!

Now on to exciting news! Many of you didn't know that Jason totalled my car last week, so we have been on the hunt for me a new one! I hate having to get a new car, I was 8 months left paying on the the Focus! Guess who gets to start over! Wahoo!

But, this is the car I'm looking for! A Dodge Avenger! Very sporty and we are going car shopping tomorrow.

I'll let all know what I decide on! There are just way too many cars to choose from :)

Happy Halloween Friends!


April Mechelle said...

Happy Halloween ! Good Luck on the Car Shopping !!

DebbieSFL said...

Yeah!!! you're better!!!

Lisa said...

Looking good and ready for the Halloween visitors! Hope you have a good one. Good luck on the car shopping, it isn't always easy - but it looks like you have narrowed your choices and ready to commit.
Take care!