Monday, November 1, 2010


Ya'll are not gonna believe how much my insurance rate raised! $758.00 Just because of Jason wrecking my car! Hell, if I'd of known that, I'd of said I was driving and I swerved to miss the deer! Yikes! Jason of course now needs to go and get a job to help pay for car insurance if he wants to continue to drive our vehicles! I just think it's a major rip off!We haven't had a claim in over 7 years! Thanks alot Metlife! Snoopy needs to go bite their leg! lol
On to other news: on Halloween, we had to admit my Momma to the hospital. She has COPD and Diabetes, so we were kinda worried when she told us her chest was hurting, I feared congestive heart failure, as that does run in our family, they are not yet clear about why she is experiencing that. She says it feels like a concrete block is sitting on her chest. Then the sensation goes away, but comes back, not constant, but it makes me worry. So, I'm going back up to the hospital tomorrow to visit my mommy again. All prayers would be appreciated!
Plus John's Momma had a TIA last weekend! It has been a roller coaster ride over at our house!
Can't wait till things start to calm down!
More tomorrow!

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diamondc said...

Oh Daisy Girl: My heart goes out to you, my mother was in the hospital in June with complications from copd.
I will pray for your familiy, I hope everything goes better for your mother in law also.
Peace to you.