Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pray for my neighbors please!

My next door neighbor's house burned down this morning! Friends, let me tell you that is the scariest thing and I have to vent big time! When did it become a burden to help out your neighbor? At 5:30am this morning, I had huddled in my house 11 devastated friends whom I've known for 5 years. No one else even opened their doors to check to see what was going on! And please don't tell me you didn't see the blazing house on fire or you didn't hear the sirens? And instead of coming down the road to gawk, how about offering to help out your fellow man? Lord, please forgive us as we've become so uncaring and indifferent to each other.
Thank the one neighbor who graciously gave money when I know they don't have it to give, and thank you for protecting my friends. They had no insurance as renters, they lost 2 cars in the fire also. Red Cross put them up in a hotel for tonight, I've offered my home to them if they need a place to stay.
Bless the ones who lost everything in the house fire, welcome into your arms the pets that did not make it out and bless my son Jason who is so distraught over the fact that his best friends are gone, he loves that family like his own and I know he wants all of them to move in with us. Help me Lord to help him get over this tough time.
We are watching their two dogs tonight, a Boxer/Pitbull mix and a Siberian Husky. They are camped out on my back porch tonight. Snuggle close together pups, it will be cold tonight. I've fixed up a area on my enclosed back porch for them with lots of blankets and pillows.
I'm very tired tonight as I'm sure Karen and her family are exhausted too, we tried to salvage some pictures and afew clothes from the house after the fireman gave us the go ahead to go back inside. (We were told we shouldn't go in, but since we are covered in snow and ice, the rain /sleet tonight would ruin the only room left in the house that had a few things we could try to save.)
Goodnight friends!


Faye said...

I have cried through this post...it is so sad to hear that your dear friends and neighbors have had this crisis happen. Good friends like you will get them through this time of need...You know you are an angel to them!! Will pray things will be on the upswing for all of you... Faye

Liz said...

You have such a big heart, and a truly kind person. Prayers are being said for the family.

Terri said...

I am so sorry that has happened Your neighbours are in my thoughts. I wish I lived closer so I could help more. I had the same thing happen here with my neighbours.

Edgar said...

What a sad thing to happen - thank goodness you are there to help. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so terrible. i will pray for them.

Karen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your neighbors - I just can't imagine how awful that must be - and pray to never experience it myself (one of my biggest fears). They are lucky you were there to help them out - because you are right, people DON'T care like they should. That's what makes YOU an exceptional person, Donna!

Shelleen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your neighbor's loss. It is very devastating.