Monday, February 28, 2011

Stitchy Update and more from the vain one!

I'm working every evening on LHN's Belle Pepper, so cute, don't really know how I want to finish it. I may try a stand up cube, I know Vonna has a great tutorial on cubes. I finished the cardinal from Button Up Birdies! I'm working on my 3rd birdie right now!
Plus I have major exciting news! My baby brother and his girlfriend are getting married! They set a date and it's Dec. 10, 2011! I am thrilled! So y'all will most likely be tired of hearing me talk about the wedding! lol Since I know Kelly reads my blog, I can't show pictures of their wedding sampler that I am working on! boo-hoo! It's gonna be awesome!
Jacob has been under the weather since Saturday with a stomach bug. He attended Taste of Dacula and came back home sick as a dog! Poor guy!
Hoping everyone has a great week! Don't forget that tomorrow night is Stitch-In at The Stitch Store! Wahoo!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Ramblings!

I'm very tired today! :( I thought I was on the mend, I must have done too much yesterday. Grocery store and the gym did me in! My husband John told me I wasn't ready yet, guess I should have listened to him! heheheheh
I won't tell him that he was right!
I've worked on LHN "Belle Pepper", I'm loving it so far. I'm getting ready to start the middle section, I'll post pictures tomorrow when I've got more completed.
Our spring weather here lately has got me wanting to paint the inside of our house. I'm so wanting to go to IKEA and check out that store. I'm hoping that maybe I can make the trip soon. I just know I need to get organized, yet I want our home to look cozy and lived in. Plus I'm wanting new leather furniture. We have burgundy leather furniture now, I'm hoping to get saddle tan next time. I want matching leather recliner's, so that I can put my feet up at the end of the day. Ahhhh! The thought of it!
Well, it's getting late and I need to get ready for work tomorrow. I go for my next RA treatment on Tuesday, I'm hoping they will not cancel it since I've been sick with pneumonia. Cross your fingers friends!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling better! Thank goodness!

I started on LHN's Belle Pepper, it's gonna be really cute and I love the colors. I did change the linen color on this one. The picture on the pattern looks darker, but in real life the linen was very light. The Straw Bonnet color would not have even showed up on the linen that the pattern called for, so I just went with a darker linen.
My Saturday will be filled with grocery shopping and cleaning up the house :( I hate chores! Since I was under the weather, do you think any of those things got done? Nope! We women are so under appreciated! hahaha We are expected to hang tough, suck it up, keep moving until we drop!
I worked even with pneumonia, we had a county reviewer in the other day, and I was coughing and the lady wanted to know why I was at school once she found out I had pneumonia? I just told her that my manager thought I'd be ok to work and so here I was. So we will see if anything comes of it. It'd be different if I had no sick time to take, but I have over 22 days of sick time! It's just that if I take off, then the manager has to come out of her office and work!
Well, I guess I've rambled enough for now, I've gotta go to the grocery store! Ugh! I hate wasting my time at the store!
Hugs to all,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the Drs. and Pneumonia on the menu!

Jeez, can't get better, went back to the Dr's. and know I have 2 shots plus 4 new meds to hopefully knock this out! Truthfully I do feel somewhat better Sunday. I got the shots on Saturday afternoon, Dr. Andrews did say I'd feel better quickly with these shots. I just know that we have people out all week and I really can't be out, even though I should take the time off.
Yesterday was our luncheon at the shop and everyone had a great time stitching and hanging out enjoying the company of friends.
I got my newest LHN pattern Belle Pepper and I will be starting that one this afternoon. It is so cute!
I taught a bunch of Girl Scouts last Monday night how to cross stitch and they were fun to be around. Had 15 little girls who were a joy to teach. I will be going back on the 21st and the 28th to help the girls finish their projects.
Hoping everyone out there in blog land is well and has a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bronchitis Stinks!

I'm worn out! I've been sick since Friday night and I even went to the doctor :( Have meds, but still feeling puny. Haven't taken a day off from work since we have had others out. I even cancelled stitch-in tonight at The Stitch Store. Sorry friends, but I want to be better for our Saturday luncheon!
I've not even been to the gym :(
Hope I feel better tomorrow!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend is almost here!

I have been trying to keep up with my exercising everyday, which I am doing, so why is it that when I look in the mirror I still see a fat dumpy person? I know I can't afford lipo to get rid of the belly fab :( Geez! And I have lost some of my most prized possession, my breasts! I hate that they are deflated! Boohoo! I had wanted to lose the belly first dang it! Oh well, a person can't win! lol
My girlfriend Leila who passed away last week had a beautiful funeral service. Such a shame to die so young. 38 :( When someone close to you passes away, you start to realize just how short life is. Please take time for yourself and your family. Tell them everyday that you love them and do things to make YOU happy! That's what I'm gonna try to do from now on.
I'm working on alot of Button Up Birdies! I need to get one put together so y'all can see how great they look!
I finally get to go back to my normal work hours at school. I've been going in at 7:30am to 2:30 pm, and now since Miss Jeanette and Doreen are finally back from their knee surgeries, I'm back to 9:30 to 2pm. I will miss the extra money :( But I'll get to sleep in again! :)
Well, it's close to 11pm and I need to hit the sack!
Hugs to all my friends!