Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling better! Thank goodness!

I started on LHN's Belle Pepper, it's gonna be really cute and I love the colors. I did change the linen color on this one. The picture on the pattern looks darker, but in real life the linen was very light. The Straw Bonnet color would not have even showed up on the linen that the pattern called for, so I just went with a darker linen.
My Saturday will be filled with grocery shopping and cleaning up the house :( I hate chores! Since I was under the weather, do you think any of those things got done? Nope! We women are so under appreciated! hahaha We are expected to hang tough, suck it up, keep moving until we drop!
I worked even with pneumonia, we had a county reviewer in the other day, and I was coughing and the lady wanted to know why I was at school once she found out I had pneumonia? I just told her that my manager thought I'd be ok to work and so here I was. So we will see if anything comes of it. It'd be different if I had no sick time to take, but I have over 22 days of sick time! It's just that if I take off, then the manager has to come out of her office and work!
Well, I guess I've rambled enough for now, I've gotta go to the grocery store! Ugh! I hate wasting my time at the store!
Hugs to all,

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Michele said...

Glad you are feeling better! I love grocery shopping, but not with the rest of the Saturday shoppers - Good Luck!