Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gotta learn the new phone!

Got my new smart phone Friday night! I'm gonna have to go to the tutorial at the Verizon store to help me figure this sucker out. But its great! Love it! I can FB anytime I want! lol I decided on a Samsung Galaxy Continuum. I looked at the HTC Incredible, Droid Pro II, but my vision helped me make the best choice for my eyes! The screen image was really sharp on the Galaxy phone, something that my poor eyes need. I did look at the IPhone, just couldn't justify paying that much for a phone. The Thunderbolt was sweet too, but way too much for my pocket book. Thank you Johnny for buying me a new toy! :)
One thing though, Verizon was unable to transfer and of my phone numbers from my old phone! I fried that one! So I will need to get all my stitching buddy's phone numbers again! Sorry y'all!
I have been working on 2 projects, Belle Pepper and LHN's new needlebook with the pin cushion. Belle Pepper is on my needlework stand and I'm taking the smaller project with me to stitch-ins on Tuesdays.
I helped an old friend move yesterday, in the rain! But I knew they needed help so I volunteered myself and my son Jason to help! We had to haul stuff up to a second story apartment :( My body is stiff today! Plus it's stilling raining here and that makes my RA unhappy! As much as I should go to the gym today, I think I will rest my weary body.
I'm hoping that everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

ps: Pic is from my new phone! It takes great photos! Jacob took this one!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To see or not to see................

Hmmm, as I sit here at the computer with readers on top of my glasses, I pitched a tiny fit and dug out my contacts. I had hoped that having the contacts sitting right up on my eyeballs, I'd be able to see better! Dangnabit! It didn't work! I still had to put on readers to see up close. Sighing very loudly in Dacula! I will say that I got a LOT of compliments on my new look, so does vanity win out or do I go back to glasses? I guess I will try a new pair of contacts soon, maybe they make bi-focal contacts? who knows?
Both boys are gone for the weekend, so it's very quiet here at the house. I do have the cats to keep me company, John is watching(sleeping!) TV. lol I need to get ready for bed, but I might watch alittle more TV myself.
Has anyone purchased one of Just Another Button Company's new pin cushion kits? They are super sweet and cute. If you got one, where did you find it?
Well, that's all for the night!
Signing out,
The Blind One!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where have I been?

Where does the time go? Who knows anymore! I can't believe it's already St. Patrick's Day! hope you didn't get pinched today! I didn't! lol
We had stitch-in on Tuesday night! all my regulars were there! I need to remember to take my camera next week so y'all can see what everyone is working on.
Here's a picture of Belle Pepper! Coming along pretty good! Haven't decided how to finish it though.