Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on 6 Fat Men!

It's slowly coming along! I am such a slow stitcher! Unlike Trisha from the Hooty Girls! She is a speed stitcher! Puts me to shame! lol I so need to get my eyes checked, I am having to use readers on top of my glasses and it's getting worse! My PsA meds make it so hard too, vision blurriness and changes stink.
This Saturday is our PINS group, and I'm looking forward to it. I've missed the last 2 meetings due to being sick and my momma being in the hospital, so I'm crossing my fingers that I make this one!
My Remicade seems to not be working like it used to, and I'm worried cause that medicine was such a life saver. I don't want to relapse, my feet hurt something fierce at night and my back is being a major punk. I need daily back rubs! Which I don't get. :( Oh well, I can get them, but I would have to pay for them! Massage Envy here I come! My co-worker Chantel gave me a gift card for an hour massage and I'm gonna use it after my Feb.1st IV treatment!
Hope to get some stitching done tonight!
Sending my love out to a very special friend tonight! Hope you feel better!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 Fat Men!

Here we are! The beginning of LK's 6 Fat Men! I know I should have started this earlier, but that's ok, maybe I can have it completed by next Jan. I love her patterns and I know this one will be fun to stitch!
I want to thank Trisha from The Hooty's Girls! I love it! And yes, it's a tea cosy, but I'll use it as a hat! lol It fits me to a tee!

Gonna eat supper! Be back later!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

A new year has come, and I'm excited for new wonderful changes in my life! I have been made so happy lately that it makes my heart burst with gladness!
I have started on 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate! I got my linen from Abcedarius, Susan the shop owner was so nice to us. The Hooty Girls went shopping! Thanks to Liz for driving! It was awesome riding in her race car!
I'll post pictures soon on my LK start!

Love and hugs,