Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school! I am totally wiped out, physically and emotionally! Watching my 5th graders do their final walk is so hard. I cry the entire time, plus hug as many kids that reach out for me. I view these kids as my kids! hahahaha   These kids touch my heart every year. This past school year was especially  poignant for me as I have watched them as kindergartners up to 5th grade.  So is was hard to watch them go. I know that many of them touched my heart and I will not forget them.
I haven't been able to cross stitch as much as I'd like. I go back to the eye doctor tomorrow, I hope the tear in my retina is better, I soo need new glasses. lol
I have so many projects just waiting to be started! I want to make those birds from SamSarah. I can't wait for the new Halloween issue and the Ornament issue.
I've been such a bad blogger again, I hope to do better since summer vacation is here for me!
Hugs to all!