Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have never more quickly went thru $1000 bucks faster than I did this weekend! I received my bonus from work and whew! It's all gone! Paid a credit card off, paid for my vacation, paid bills, ordered my new glasses! That was a chunk of money there! Ordered my SK11 stuff for my face, ordered cross stitch goodies and a new quilt book! Which I have a picture of. Plus bought fireworks for my 4th of July party! I can spend some money fast! lol
The heat here in GA has been insane! 109 registered in Athens! Wow! Its hot here! Be careful out there my friends. Don't forget about our pets too!
After I look at my new book, I'll tell y'all more about it! The book is beautiful! It's spiral bound with pockets and full size patterns! Makes me want to quilt again!
It's late and tomorrow is another packed day for me!


Lana said...

Isn't it amazing how fast money slips through our fingers? Ever ordered glasses online? I did that the last time, and was very pleased! Got 2 pair for 50$!! And I was weary of the quality and such, but I took them into the eye doctor and had them check and make sure they were the correct prescription and everything, they were fine! (Oh yeah and that 50$? included the shipping and handeling!) You might check it out!

Lana said...

Of course by now you've already spent an arm and a leg on yours, so maybe for next time! don't know how you're gonna stitch now without an arm! But at least you can see! LOL