Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with Johnny! I just love this picture of us together! He puts up with my mood swings, thanks hormones! Johnny has been to good to me. A brand new 3 diamond anniversary ring for 25 years of marriage. He knows I adore jewelry! What girl doesn't? hahaha. 
I decided on stitching Blackbirds Design, the Paris Noel stocking. It will be quick, and I will change Noel to Love for Valentine's Day. I'm off to go pull threads and linen! Joy!
I shall be back!

Hi Friends!
I took the tree decorations down yesterday. I hate taking the tree down, but I want to have a clean house for the New Years Eve party. I know it will only be us here, the boys will most likely be working, but I'll have my normal snacky foods waiting to be gobbled up by hungry tummys! :)
Filigram Snowballs
Isn't this amazing! I love it! I'm seriously thinking about getting this pattern! 
Today will be spent picking and pulling threads. I know I'm still working on the Six Fat Men, lol. I keep getting pulled to do other things!
I'm thinking of a sweet Valentine project too. I don't have alot of Valentine things for my mantel, so I might try to get something made for my Feb. mantel.
I shall be back!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love my little Huckleberry !

New puppy on the horizon! Hope my cats don't hate me!

I'm very excited about our new puppy Huckleberry. We did have a stressful Christmas eve with the owner(Mel) calling me with frantic news that the puppy wasn't eating. So off to the er vet clinic, puppy was starving since the momma dog wasn't nursing him anymore. So antibiotics and I sent my boys out to pick up puppy formula, and now we seem to have a happy puppy again.

On Christmas day I got to nurse him, he was so hungry, but after he drank two bottles, he settled down and was content. He was born on the 3rd of December, so we are gonna get him around Jan. 19. I'm so excited! Can't you tell! lol. I'm downloading a app to my phone so I will be able to upload pictures to my blog, so I'm hoping that will help me be a better blogger! Especially on Tuesday Hooty Girl nights! 

Catch y'all later! Gotta clean! Ugh!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where have I been?

Hmmm, let me kinda took over and I was consumed with it! I had let my myself become depressed, it has been hard becoming my own person again. Especially when the past 23 years have including being a momma and a wife. A person spends all their time raising, helping, encouraging their children, that when they become older, graduate and become their own person, a momma kinda gets lost. Sooooo, I've kept myself so busy that I forgot to do something that made me happy. I love blogging and after a sweet email to ask if I was gonna continue blogging, I said yes! So here I am again.

Am I still cross stitching? Yes! I will always cross stitch. It has been harder with my vision, so I haven't been able to stitch as long as I'd like. So I stitch in shorter time blocks.

I'm hating the new Blogger changes. Ugh!!! I am not able to make the background how I want it. Any suggestions?

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? I know we did, we all have been blessed, and I was happy all my boys were able to be home! This is my new puppy Huckleberry. He is a Chiweenie! I've got 3 more weeks till he gets to come home and live with me always! I'm excited!

I am gonna spend the next couple of days resting and recouping before school starts back on the 3rd of Jan. Plus I've got to pick a new cross stitch project! I have so many choices! Gotta decide! Decisions! Decisions!

I shall be back!
Hugs to all! ♥