Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hi Friends!
I took the tree decorations down yesterday. I hate taking the tree down, but I want to have a clean house for the New Years Eve party. I know it will only be us here, the boys will most likely be working, but I'll have my normal snacky foods waiting to be gobbled up by hungry tummys! :)
Filigram Snowballs
Isn't this amazing! I love it! I'm seriously thinking about getting this pattern! 
Today will be spent picking and pulling threads. I know I'm still working on the Six Fat Men, lol. I keep getting pulled to do other things!
I'm thinking of a sweet Valentine project too. I don't have alot of Valentine things for my mantel, so I might try to get something made for my Feb. mantel.
I shall be back!

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Natasha said...

What a cute design! I know, I also dis like the idea of taking the tree down. I want to leave it up till after the New Year but probably best if I take it down now.

I would love to get a small ttree and fill it with seasonal ornaments ;) Hmmmm I just might have to make a run out tomorrow and look for a tree marked down