Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My summer is drifting away......

It's been totally crazy how time just keeps slipping away! I know I have been very busy and man I need a break! I worked so hard to get my sister in law to be's pool up and running, 2 weeks of almost non stop work, and I can proudly say "it's ready"! 
We surprised my brother for his 44th birthday by having a pool party, he really was surprised!
Onto the stitching front! I'm working on the Hometown Holiday village series from LHN, my goal is to have at least 3 to 4 completed by Christmas time for my mantel! 
Health wise I'm doing fine except for the pesky PsA/Srogrens Syndrome that plagues me. I have developed bursitis in my hip, physical therapy is tough, it hurts! I have been advised that I shouldn't walk anymore! What the heck! I can swim ( but to do that I gotta drive 30 minutes one way ), I can buy a bicycle, but I just spent money on a new elliptical machine!
All I know is arthritis is very mean and I hate it! Ok, my pitiful vent is over!
Good news though, my son Jason has got engaged to Aliyiah, I fear I may have mis spelled her name! It will be a long engagement since she is on a mission trip to Africa. Time will tell! But she makes my son very happy and that's all that matters! They tease me by telling me they are gonna give me Oreo babies! I told them, I love Oreos, but they need to wait before any grandchildren are brought in this world! I'm not ready to be a Nana! Lol
Here's a few pics from the weekend! Enjoy and hugs from DaisyGirl!


Lisa said...

You have been very busy. Congrats on the engagement! Sounds like she will definitely be a great addition to your family. I wish them all the best.

Well, just remember to take a deep breathe every now and does seem to move fast these days!

Take care!

stitcherw said...

looks like the pool party was a hit, with the heat everyone's been having perfect timing. Looking forward to seeing an update of your Hometown Holiday Village. Hope the arthritis can settle down a bit so you can feel a little better (I know it never really goes away).