Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 weeks of non weight bearing on the right leg!

Omg! It's Day 3 and I'm stir crazy! Lol 
At least I do have my wheelchair now and crutches so that will help. I had my PRP procedure via CT/Ultrasound on Monday afternoon. I must be a turnip, it took the hospital lab tech 11 try's to draw my stem cells. Finally after an hour of being stabbed and bled, they took what they were able to get and off to the centriufe they went. One hour later they got me set up on the table and got me ready, I have to say, it hurt pretty bad! They don't give you anything due to the risk of meds changing the stem cells, afterward, they gave me something to help with the pain. Now to keep weight off the hamstring for 3 weeks. 
Tomorrow will be spent starting a new knitting project, baby booties for my niece's baby shower gift. So cross my fingers I can knit in time! 

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