Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have knitted so many things!

Learning to knit is wonderful! It is soothing, abet a little frustrating at times, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it! I've made baby booties, a baby hat, scarves and cowls galore! It is exciting seeing something take shape :)
I am still out on medical leave, started rehab on the 10th of Feb. and it's been tough! 3 times a week is taking a toll on my pocketbook! Lol plus having the massage part is nice but still expensive. Ugh! Wished I were rich! Lol
I'm hoping that I get cleared to go back to work next week on reduced workload. It'd be nice to get out again everyday! I'm missing my students. One of my favorite classes sent me handmade cards which brightened my day! What's funny is I've been out since the end of December and I received a get well card from my principal today! I'm scheduled to hopefully go back on the 3rd of March! Kinda late sending the card Dr. Truett! Lol
I have a new great niece! Olivia Fay! Born 6 weeks early but she is doing great! Chunky little monkey! Y'all will love my pictures! 
Well, it's almost midnight and I have rehab in the morning! Hugs!
And a big shot out to Lisa! Your kind words made me feel sooooo much better!
DaisyGirl loves ya!


Jeanne said...

Well what wonderful projects - love the little hats and booties too. I hope you feel back to your old self soon and can get back to all your normal activities.

steve said...

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