Monday, August 6, 2007

Family Update!

We have been building a retaining wall on the side of our house, we want to plant some pretty flowers in there for the fall. John and the boys have been working so hard! I did help dig the trench(well, I did a tiny bit!)
I'm down to just 26 uniforms now! I've got uniforms hanging in three areas in our house! I've got till Wednesday night to finish them! I think I'll make the deadline! The kids have their band pictures made on Thursday morning! Cutting it awfully close.

Jason's friend Rebekah's home again, she was visiting her mom, so today she came over to hang out with us. She even helped unload gravel for the wall. (Hey, my hubby says, if you're here you can help!) She didn't mind, she even helped me cook dinner. How I wished I could have had a daughter too. Oh well, one day I might have a grand daughter. (Not anytime soon mind you!)
Don't really have any stitching to post! Hope to have something later this week!
Till tomorrow!


Michele said...

I loved marching band; it was the only part of high school I remember fondly. I need that exact retaining wall on the side of my driveway! It looks great. Congrats on the uniforms. Yes, I did like 300. That is not my kind of movie at all. But I liked it for some reason. Maybe because I stitch during the goriest parts!


Cheryl said...

Donna, looks like you've been busy! Good luck with the band uniforms, all that sewing sounds a nightmare to me ;)
Sent my RR off to Lesley today

Vonna said...

SWEET that retaining wall/flower bed is going to be super! What a great place to plant all your flowers and pretty things! :)
I think you son and his friend are cute!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You will get those uniforms done, I just know it!

stitcherw said...

Your wall is looking great, bet it will be lovely filled in and with flowers. Sounds like you're making wonderful progress on the uniforms, good luck on getting the rest finished.

Heidi said...

That will be so pretty when finished! Good luck getting all those uniforms done. :)

Julie said...

I can already imagine flowers in your new garden area! I'm sure they'll be beautiful. Congrats on having made great progress on the uniforms.