Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last weekend before school starts.

I've been working on Vonna's F&S block, trying to finish it. I didn't get in as much stitching time yesterday due to a migraine. Oh, I hate those things. They usually are quite sneaky, my head will hurt just alittle the night before, I'll take something, feel better, then the next morning I'll be sick as a dog. I'm taking Imitrex now, seems to work, but I always feel hung over when the meds wear off.
John's taking me out to eat this weekend. We were suppose to go out last weekend, but with him working on the wall, he got too tired, so I said next weekend will be fine. So off on a hot date tonight for me! Wheeeee!
I've got my uniforms ironed and ready for Monday. I'm gonna be wiped out! It's so hard getting back into the groove of feeding 1200 kids everyday. I hit the door running and we finish around 2:15 every afternoon.
I got my exchange partner for the Halloween exchange. Her name is Valerie, I hope she likes what I stitch for her!
Well, off to stitch on Vonna's square. I'm gathering up my flosses tonight for Edgar's rr. Busy little bee. Bye everyone!
ps: Brutus is better! Thanks to all who posted about my Roo.


Vonna said...

Have a great time on your date...I'm going on one too tonight :)
I know back to the grind.... :(

Carol said...

I am so glad Brutus feels better. What a cutie!!

Cheryl said...

Enjoy your last weekend before school!

stitcherw said...

I'm glad Brutus is feeling better. It is such a relief when our furbabies are recovered from an injury or sickness. Enjoy your time off that is left, and I hope your migraine is completely gone and you feel all better soon.

Marie-P said...

Sorry to hear of your nasty headache, they can be dreadful!
Hard to believe that the summer is over :-( ~ You return to work and I must return to CT...ick!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Stupid migrane! i just oughts to give it a kick! I hate those things. Hope you enjoyed your dinner date. Give Brutus a kissy from me!

Heidi said...

Brutus looks better. school here starts Sept 4th though I am kinda eager to get ack to only one child during the day here.

Julie said...

Hi Donna! I hope you had a lovely meal and time alone with your husband. I'm glad little Brutus is feeling better. I've enjoyed watching your progress on your RR block, but don't recall having seen a pic before you sent it off. Did I miss it? I look forward to seeing what you've stitched for Vonna and the Halloween exchange. I hope the first day of school goes well. I'll be thinking about you.