Thursday, July 10, 2014

The day is long and useless. I sit on my couch and contemplate my life and what I want to do. How I wish I were wealthy or at least had the comfort of extra money to do or not to do if I desire. Why is life dependent upon money? You need money to buy food or else you will starve. Money to pay for everything. Some days it seems so hopeless and sad. I can’t even imagine the people who are truly poor and homeless. Would I being willing to give up things that I have become use too? Do I really need cable? Internet? My face cream and perfume that I adore? As I sit here shaking my head, I can say, it’d be very hard to give up my vices.

I look at my dogs laying on the couch and I am again reminded of the simple things that makes them happy. A wag of their tail, a sweet lick on the face, those small things make me happy. Unless Wally is destroying my knitting needles!

Hugs from my house to yours!