Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Is Here!

Friday has finally loomed in Dacula! After all the rain and gloom, I'm happy to say that we have had no rain these past 2 days. We were fortunate that we only had our roof leak a tiny bit around the fireplace. Johnny says that shouldn't be to difficult to fix. Where as his sister's house did flood out in the bottom level. Her carpet is ruined, haven't really heard the total damage yet.

Jacob has been sick with the flu. I'm hoping that nobody else in the house gets sick. Remember last weekend I told you all about Jacob going to visit Berry college? Well, all three of the boys got sick with the flu. Jacob has spent the past 4 days very sick with a fever for 3 days, today he is finally feeling better. Thank you Lord!

Even my kitties have been under the weather. Daisy has had an upset tummy and Butters is driving me crazy, I just wished he could tell me what he wants. I have to scoop that box every time , he will not use it if there's a speck of anything in there. I normally scoop twice a day anyway, but he is terribly picky about his bathroom business! It's really funny, but can be annoying also.

Tomorrow I've got to make brownies for my Daddy for his birthday. My Daddy loves chocolate! We are going over to Momma and Daddy's on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. We will also celebrate my niece Caroline's b-day. It will be a fun day for all!
Have a great weekend my friends!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected day off!

Georgia is under a flood warning and Gwinnett county schools closed earlier today. John went up to the high school to pick up Jacob and his friend Matthew and took Matt home and then came home and we have been watching the news and weather all day. Please keep GA in your thoughts and prayers. We have already had two deaths due to the flooding. My nephew is a cop and he was on the news earlier today, he was called in on the death of a female in Lawrenceville, her van got swept away in the flood. I've never seen this type of rain and flooding in our area. Its unnerving, it is still raining.
On to stitchy news, this is the mini stocking that I stitched for Julianne in our Christmas ornie group. These are the cutest and easiest little stockings to make. I love them! Here is also the devils horn area on the Quaker RR for Val! Almost there! and finally, I received my ornament magazine in the mail! I plan to look at it later tonight during Dancing With the Stars! I love that show! (My hubby hates it!) hehehehe
Other than that, it's been a slow day at home, gonna start supper in a few minutes. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the George Foreman grill, I like that grill, very easy to use.
Hoping everyone has a great Monday!
Swimming in Dacula,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another week flies by!

Where does the time go? Another week has just zoomed by again! We won our football game, had our all night sleepover for the band kids, tried to pass a kidney stone(no luck with that!) Why is it the busier I become, the more my body falls apart? I can't win, but hey, at least it happened on the weekend and hope that I will make it in to work tomorrow.
News about my Jacob: My son is being inducted in to the National English Honor Society! Wahoo! Another honor cord for my baby when he graduates! I am very proud of him. He went and visited Berry College on Saturday with a couple of his best friends. We will visit as many colleges as we can in the next few months. Plus all the applications to fill out. This will be an exciting time for Jacob. We have a college fair this Thursday night, so hope that proves us a chance to see and learn about other colleges.
No pictures tonight, but I did get the devils horns on Val's RR finished! Yea for that. Hang in there Val, I'm trying to finish your RR this week!
Wishing everyone a great week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A couple Pics of Jacob!

I know, I know, I just can't stand it! I had to show off my son. But hey, isn't that what good Mommas are suppose to do? Now if only Jason would allow me better picture taking opportunities of him. I'll have to do sneak attacks if I want any pictures of him.
I am so bummed, I've been reading about everyone else getting the ornament issue and I haven't gotten mine yet. Hurry up Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue!
Quick post, I've got to stitch tonight!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season has started!

Well, I am doing better, I missed this past Friday nights game. We were creamed! 44 to Zip! It's shameful, but in our defense we played the top seed in teams. Whew, at least we won't play them again. As soon as I get the pictures downloaded from Friday's game, I'll post a couple of great pictures of Jacob!
I tell you what, I missed going to the game, but having the night off was what I needed. I didn't stitch at all, that was a bummer, but Sunday morning I woke up and felt so much better. Church was awesome, our Pastor is doing a Decades series that is so cool and hip, last Sunday was the 60's era in music and God, this Sunday was the 70's and how turbulent that time frame affected how people put God in their lives. I can't wait for next Sunday, it will be my era, the 80's. Wahoo! Our music team is awesome and I can't wait! (Listen to me, I mean, I can't wait for next Sunday! Go Pastor Kevin! Go PK! (That's his nickname)
I got invited to do Becky's Christmas gift exchange and I'm super excited with my partner! I've got to start figuring out what to make! Thanks to Becky for inviting me!
See ya!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where have I been?

Home! Or to be precise, the couch or my bed! I twisted my back and I stayed well medicated, went back to the doc today and I'm getting along better. Has anyone ever had a deep tissue massage? If you've had one, email me and tell me if I should look into that. Having the PsA and Fibro really stinks, but my hubby makes me feel so much better! (This gesture performed by my hubby rates a #1 in my book. He scooped my kitties cat box!) Never in my life would I guess he would do this for me! I love you Johnny!

So Michelle, I'm heading to the post office tomorrow with all your goodies! I hope you like all your prezzies!

I heard thru the grapevine that the Christmas Ornie issue is out? I'm watching for the mailman!

I am in love with the Halloween Blackbird Designs book! Love It!

I'm hoping everyone is well and having a great week!

Btw, I ordered Tanya's Christmas Issue of her Sampler Girl Pamphlets and it's perfect! I love Snug in their Beds, plus Love Birds! Great job on the Sampler Companion!

Hugs my friends!


Christmas is just around the corner!