Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quaker RR ready to ship.....

Just a quick look at Carol's Quaker RR. It is finished and ready to ship to Valerie. Yeah!

Glad for that, I opened up Valerie's RR to see hers, boohoo boohoo! I get to do those horrible devils horns again on hers! :( Oh well, it's not the end of the world.
John is on a temporary lay off, so he's home for the coming week. I'm looking forward to him being home. Maybe we can do something together, take a day trip, just the two of us.
Here's a look at my flowers, these are my African violets and my orchids. They do so well in my bay window in my kitchen. I'm wanting another little window shelf up above so I can have more plants. (Truthfully I kill any other plants that John brings me. But the violets and orchids must love my kind of abuse, because they continue to bloom and grow!)

We are grilling out baby back ribs. I need to make either mac and cheese or potato salad. Either one is tasty!
Off to lay down! My back is bothering me today! (I keep trying to tell John that sweeping and mopping the floors are harmful to me! ) hahahahaha

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I'm gonna try to do nothing!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing all veteran's a happy day! Thank you for your courage and willingness to serve our country! To my nephew Tim and niece Jess, we miss you and we can't wait for you to come home. They are in Kuwait, and my cousin Billy is in Afghanistan. God protect my family please.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just alittle bit more........

I'm still over the moon friends. I am so proud and happy I could burst! I'll show you a couple of pictures from yesterday's party. Our house was packed, over 30 showed up for his graduation party!!! I know a few of them read my blog, so I just want to shout out a heartfelt THANK YOU for caring about Jason and making his party extra special!

John and my brother Patrick grilled out 30 hamburgers, 40 hotdogs and I'm not even gonna tell you how many cases of Coke products we went thru.

It's Sunday and the house is so quiet, both boys are out hanging with their friends. Dacula hosts a parade every year, and John and I normally go to the festival after the parade. When the boys were younger and in scouts, we'd march in the parade. So I'm hoping that it will quit raining for tomorrow and we can celebrate Memorial Day.

Well since I finally have some down time, I'm gonna go stitch!

Happy Day,


Friday, May 22, 2009

Jason's Video!

My other son Jacob helped me put this together! I tell you what, when my Momma sees this tomorrow, haul out the kleenex! Friends before you click on the video, go to my playlist and click to pause the music if it's playing.

This was a labor of love for me, going through my hope chest just about did me in friends! An to think I will be doing this all over again next year with Jacob! :)


Thursday, May 21, 2009


We made it! I am putting a slide show together for my son, hope to have it ready by Saturday which is his Graduation party. Today has been very emotional for me. I start to cry at the drop of a hat. The slideshow will probably have me blubbering off and on as it is.
I'm so proud that he perservered and has his diploma!
Pictures soon!
P:S: Thanks for my encouraging comments, they meant alot!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost there......

Sorry friends that I have been a bad blogger. I never in my mind would have thought that a graduating senior would have totally taken over my life. Everyday is a new drama for us.
1. First of we thought Jason wouldn't make it due to failing Physics grade, so it was a daily chore to keep after him to study!
2. Next was his telling us, I want to quit. Heaven forbid.
3. Then it was his I'm moving out!!!! (Over my dead body!)
4. Then graduation invitations. Did he address one envelope? NO! He says to me, you are the ones that wants it! OMG, what was I to do? So I sent out the invitations myself.
5. He does not go to the Baccalaureate Dinner, broke my heart concerning that one.
6. We hang a sign out in the yard for him, hoping that would encourage him.
7. Hope prevails, he wants to graduate now. Friends help boost his morale. Thank you Lord.
8. Fast forward to today: Your son has lost his Sociology book, he won't walk unless we pay the $65 fine. I will be paying that fine tomorrow. Tomorrow is graduation practice.
Friends please continue to pray to keep this stressed out Momma from having a freakin heart attack!
Thursday is graduation! Cross your fingers!

As to stitching, I finished those devil's horns! Finally, I need to email Edgar to figure out who to send to. Need to buckle down on Friday to get this linen in the mail.
How can one life be so totally demanding and insane? I am on empty friends, plus my hubby is totally upset also with Jason's graduation woes. Keep us in your thoughts.
DaisyGirl :(