Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures of my Grandniece Alora!

Look at her :( It makes me sad for Aaryn and Kyle. Baby Alora is hopefully having her last surgery today. I'm sure she is tired of all the poking and needles. Thanks to everyone out there praying. It does help! I'll try to post more later today. Aaryn sure looks tired. To me the baby looks like Kyle, I'll have to wait for newer pictures to see if Alora is looking more like her momma.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I am 43...............

I am blessed to have so many friends through my blog. I wish I could give out hugs to everyone. I talked to my SIL Cathy about my niece Aaryn's new baby. Sweetpea Alora is hanging in there. She has already been thru 2 surgeries. Since the intestines were so swollen, they are doing 2" of intestine at a time. We are very lucky that only the intestines were affected and not other inner body parts such as liver, stomach, etc. So praise God for that! I wished they lived in GA. ( Oh Kyle, ya'll would have free babysitting any time if you'd bring our girls back home! :)

Today has been a very laid back day. I even took a nap! I didn't have to go no where. My sister Judy and her girlies came over yesterday for early birthday lunch. She took me out to P.F. Chang's for lunch. I had shrimp, Judy had tofu! Eek to my taste buds! You have to give me a little credit though, I tried it out, but spit it out on the sly! hahaha

Tomorrow is baby quilt buying day. I'm heading to the quilt shop to get some material for Alora's baby quilt. I started a tradition that I make every new baby in the immediate family a baby quilt. I feel safe starting her quilt.

Look what I got from Heather who is my SBBC secret birthday fairy kind of thing. I adore SB, and I got this cute little Flag to stitch. I love patriotic things, so she did good! She also told me to look for another package in the mail! Man, I must have been real good! wahooooooooo!

Alright friends, it's getting late. I need sleep!


ps: From the bottom of my heart, I'm blowing kisses and hugs to all my friends that take the time to comment or email me. "Without our friends, our lives would be ever so lonely."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new day awaits ..................

Edited to add: Hi Cheryl!!! Cheryl is a sweet momma to her daughter Morgan who is in the Band with my Jacob! Waving to you! ( I did warn you Cheryl, I blog everything! hahaha)

Thank you friends for everyone's thoughtfulness and concern while I had a mini breakdown. Today is much better and I can honestly say I have not broke down in tears! ( That stupid phone better not ruin my day! ) No news concerning baby Alora Jean, what is that old saying : no news is good news. I truly believe that women have it easier when it comes to emotions, we can cry and yet men can't open up and release their emotions.

Yesterday my Momma helped me become aware of something that I have been missing, I was fussing and crying to her about John being so grumpy. She said to me Donna May, think about what your husband has been going thru. His best friend recently died and now his sister in in hospice. She made me realize that even though I fuss and moan about all the problems that seem to be affecting us, I am lucky to still have all my brothers and sister and my parents within arms reach. I felt shameful that I didn't open my eyes to see his pain and his grief. Mom, I just want to say "Thank you" for opening my eyes.

I didn't craft any today but I will tomorrow. I do use my crafting as a means of stress relief and I miss not doing something fun. I'm gonna start a cute little project for the 4th of July.

Just to show you that today has been brighter, I went to Starbucks! Nothing is better! Until it's empty. I wish Starbucks was in Dacula!


Monday, June 22, 2009

I am lost.................

I have no clue as to what to do? Am I not a good person? Why are so many people that I know and love dying? Is God trying to tell me something? My niece delivers her new baby 5 weeks early. With the baby's intestines on the outside of her little body! John's little sister April(the one with MS) is put in hospice. They tell us it will not be long! God, why is this happening? I do not understand and I am weary. So far this year 3 beloved family member have died. I know that at least they are no longer in pain and in heaven.
I'm sorry friends that you have to hear my cries. I guess I need to get on my knees and give up fighting God. That's what this feels like.
Please pray for my newest baby niece Alora Jean! She is so tiny and she is fighting too!
Please pray for April that when she finally quits fighting she can find rest.
That's all friends,
I'm done in.
Donna :(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look what Becky did for me!

Friends, let me tell you what, Becky is such a sweet person. I have never met her, but she cares about the people who are in any of her groups or exchange clubs. When my PS exchange partner decided not to send my exchange, Becky made up for it. I told her not to worry about it, but she made sure I would get my exchange. Becky, thank you very much for all that you do for all us stitchers!

My bunny floss ring is adorable! It's been a long weekend and I am looking forward to my birthday coming up. John and I got a new flat screen 37" TV for our combined birthday gift. I wanted the 42", but John kept telling me it would be too big for our living room. I said, no it wouldn't, but he wouldn't listen to me. But now that it's home, I guess it's OK. (But really, we could have went up to 42 and it wouldn't have taken up that much more space. He just didn't want to pay $100 more.)

I hope all the Dads out there have had a wonderful day!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A New Life for My Jacob!

Last year, my older son started attending 12Stone and Jason was baptized here by his own journey to know God. Little brother Jacob felt, hey if Jason likes this church, maybe I will. Fast forward to now, faith is something that each individual must choose for themselves. We were raised Catholic and a few will remember when I posted about the betrayal of a deacon of the catholic faith. We left that faith in search for what God really means. I know that I have not lived the way God wants me to live. But, I believe that the only way to heaven is believing that Jesus died for my sins. I am not perfect, and I am flawed, and I struggle everyday.
It's hard being the only parent that wants church in their life. I want that experience of a loving husband wanting to go to church. Being catholic all my life I thought I knew the toll of raising the boys in church all by myself.What was I thinking, I was wrong. I can't do it alone. I can only blame myself for wanting that, don't get me wrong, John was baptised a long time ago, but he doesn't lead the way God wants him. It's his journey, not mine, because I fall down alot myself. I've watched Vonna's renewed faith and while I know I won't return to the catholic faith, I hope God will help plant a seed in my heart. (Lord knows I need it.)
I'm proud that Jacob is becoming a young man of Christ. I pray this prayer that God uses Jacob as a tool to witness to his friends. (Plus helping his Momma find her way, I know I was deeply hurt and I haven't been back to church in a long time. I have attended one Sunday Service at 12Stone and who knows, I might find my faith there.

I love you Jacob! (Remember to pause the playlist!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Premiere!

Hi Friends,

Last night was Jacob and Tommy's movie premiere. These two young men have been working tirelessly since 2007 on a movie that they have written, filmed, acted and the whole shebang. I went last night to the movie premiere that held at Tommy's uncle Roger's house. Leila(Tommy's momma) and her family outdid themselves for the premiere. I'm talking red carpet that the boys walked on, Roger has a theater room in his beautiful house, they had the red carpet coming down from the pool to the theater room. Open bar, tinsel and lights and a DJ. It was so much fun and the movie was pretty good. After the movie it was announced that Tommy has been accepted at the Art Institute of Atlanta! Way to go Tommy! He is bypassing his senior year to go straight to the school. It will be sad alittle for Jacob since he and Tommy are best friends that they can't share their senior year together, but Tommy is very talented and I believe will be a future big movie director.

Just a few pictures to high the evening. (I was not informed by Jacob that it was a black tie affair! I was the only one there wearing jeans! Thanks Jacob!)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Any True Blood fans around?

Oh, I know, people will think I'm gonna go to hell for watching that show, but I'm on pins and needles just waiting till this Sunday night! Bill, you can bite my neck any ole day! I was not kidding about being a closet goth! If I were younger.................
I tell you what, having your husband home due to a lay off can be a pain. "Are you gonna sleep all day?" (Yes, I can! and I probably will!) A computer hog!!!!!! Command and Conqueror battles can take hours. But having him home does have little rewards, sneaky trips to Dairy Queen sans no kids! Wahoo! Thank you honey. He doesn't care if I fix dinner late, unless he's hungry. Plus both boys hardly are home. Opps, alrighty friends, I've got to make a pick up at church to get Jacob and Tyler. (Another little girl under Jacob's spell at this time!)
Post more later!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank you to all our Veterans and Current Soldiers

I know I'm late with this.......

A tiny tribute to our military forces. Thanks to my Dad, my Uncle, John's uncle Harvey, Cousins Wayne, Brett, Billy and my nephew Tim and my niece Jess. Anybody out there who has served in our Armed Forces, thank you for making the sacrifice for me!

"Keep safe in Kuwait Tim and Jess" "Keep safe in Afghanistan Billy"

We Love You!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look at my PS Exchange!

Yucky picture, maybe the next will be better!

Howdy friends! Life is slowly getting back to slowing down. Jacob said the SAT was easy, so we will see. John's off this week and I'm trying like mad to persuade him we need a mini holiday. Just the two of us. ( Lordy, we need it after May!) Down here in Dacula during the summer we have lots of BBQ parties and lots of reunions! These past 5 summers I have gotten spoiled by not having to work! Yee haw!!!!!! I want to have a blowout party for John and my birthday. Our birthdays are one week apart. I hate to say that pina coladas are my favorite weekend drink.
I figure turning 43 ought to be worth a pitcher of my favorite drink! Oh, and don't forget the cherries! I can't wait!
I got distracted there friends! Sorry family, but you know me!
I received this sweet spring pin keep from Bonnie from the PS exchange group! Awesome job. I love it!
I have gotten back into quilting somewhat. I like little projects, I'll take pictures of my newest goodies that I splurged on.
We have a cookout tomorrow so I must go at least attempt to clean the house! (Maid, oh maid, where are you?)
I'm looking forward to a fun June friends! Hope yours will be sunny and filled with friends and family!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jacob's Campaign Video! You Go Son!

(Edited: pause the playlist so you can hear Jacob's video)

Alrightly friends, we've only been out of school for one week and we are jumping in for a fast forward Senior year for Jacob. Now ya'll know that Jacob is in the marching band, here is his campaign video that he took to school during the last week of school. The kids get to vote on who they want as officers for next year. I had hoped Jacob would try out for drum major, but he told me, " Mom, I have way more fun marching", so I said with a whine in my voice, could you at least try out for officer? He tells me he already has! Shows me the video and I know he will make officer! (He does, btw, 2nd Lieutenant! Way to go Jacob!)

This year is gonna fly by! We are talking senior pictures, professional ones mind you. Open up your wallet Johnny! I'm buying the whole shebang! Jacob has the SAT this weekend. I know we will probably take it at least a couple of times to get our best grade.

No stitchy news today! You will have to wait till tomorrow! I went shopping today!