Friday, August 31, 2007

RR Update

Well, I can't decide how I want to put my snowman. Should I put him beside the tree or kind of up behind the tree. Like if you were walking behind the house. I've got bunnies and birds to add also. I just don't want to frog at all!

I left work early today, I'm still hurting with my kidney. It's been very painful these past 2 days. I see my urologist next Thursday. Gosh I hope I can make it to then. I do have an assortment of pain meds to help until I'm seen. I know I'm gonna have to have surgery again. My poor right kidney is damaged and is over worked as it is. Let's hope it gets better fast.

I want to show you Vonna's square, but I can't! Boo hoo! I'm terrible aren't I.

Has anyone seen the new Cross Eyed Cricket Halloween designs? I just love them. Just Nan has a terrific Halloween Tree design that I like also. I enjoy Halloween designs. Those cross stitch pieces that I've pictured are gonna be pins. I normally don't stitch on aida, but the design called for them, they did turn out really nice. I've got to try and find a little witch's hat for the witch. They stitched up really fast, they were from a Stitcher's World magazine from a couple years ago.

Well, I'm gonna go take my meds and take a rest. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mailing my Fair & Square to Vonna

Hi Vonna! Start looking soon for your square! I'm posting it tomorrow after work, yeah! I hope you like it!
No pictures to post, as soon as Vonna gets her square I'll post a picture. We have our first football game this Friday. Here we go again!
I won't bore you guys again, but I'm trying to pass another stone. I seem to make these bad boys. I have passed 24 now. Hoping that the 25th one won't be too hard for me. I've got to quit drinking sweet tea and they want me to stop eating red meat. We eat red meat at least 4 times a week. Changes are in store for us.
Well, off to package up Vonna's square. Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where did the week go?

I am sorry I haven't blogged all week. I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged at all. This week has been a whirlwind. Work is still kinda prickly with the new assistant manager, keeping fingers crossed that they hire another kitchen helper. We are short 3 people by feeding standards. Oh well, won't bore you with to many details.

Jason on the other hand has been hurting with his ear, so off to the doctor we go. I was astounded by the diagnosis. Poor guy's ear drum has a hole in it. Last summer he ruptured his ear drum by diving in the pool with a ear infection. (Moma did not know his ear was hurting, he didn't tell me!) Well, after doing meds and drops, the doctor says he's ok. Well, apparently the doc in the box clinic we had been using was wrong. The hole in his ear drum never healed. He currently has a partial hearing loss, balance is off, he will most likely need a graft done to close the hole. We go back on the 4th of Sept. to recheck his ear. I feel bad for him because Jason has had ear problems since he was a baby. He hates having them poke around in his ear, he told me he didn't think his ear was hurting him that badly. So wait and see for him.

My poor brother needs surgery on his kidney. We both make kidney stones, he has the biggest stone I've ever seen. I've yet to have one that big. So he's gonna get blasted on the 5th of Sept. I'm gonna take the day off to take him to the hospital for his surgery! I feel for you bro! I'll take care of you!

On the stitching front, got the roof done on the house for Edgar, gonna mail Vonna's F&S on Tuesday. I can't show Vonna's yet, I do hope she likes it! I know I sure do!

I got the material for my Halloween exchange! I don't think you can see the silver threads in the plaid, it's perfect for what I'm doing for my project.

Sorry such a long post, had to fill everyone in with the news on us! Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Pictures of Edgar's RR and the wall.

John has worked so hard on finishing the wall, I think it looks great. Now, all we need to do is get a truckload of dirt to prepare the bed for planting this fall. We have been trying to decide what will look the best, especially with the GA heat. I'm hoping to plant some miniature crypt myrtles down the long side of the bed, plus some plants that have blues and purples in them.

I've been stitching on Edgar's RR, I'm happy so far with what I've done, I'm choosing 2 different LHN patterns to do for Edgar's.

I still need to stitch my name for Vonna, gonna do that most likely tomorrow, I've misplaced my alphabet designs, so I might have to use a different design for my name.

School is ok, the weekend went by way to fast. My niece Aaryn is getting married in September, so I'm doing a alteration on my other niece's bridesmaid dress. Katie girl is growing up so quickly! Where did the time go? I remember when my brother and Cathy moved back to Ga after Katie girl was born, she was 2 weeks old when I got to hold my sweetie girl! Now that I look back, I'm sure Cathy probably felt left out when they showed up at Momma's. All I remember is saying hi, give me the baby! hahaha. She know's I love her though. We share Katie. I didn't have a girl, but I have Katie, she really looks just like me! I'll have to get a picture of us together so ya'll can see how much she's mine!

Off to stitching!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Start on RR!

Update on Cheryl and my mailing horrors, hopefully she will get the package on Friday, poor dear has paid the custom fee, she is gonna appeal the fees, I'm hoping that she will get her money back. I will not send anything express!!! From what everyone has told me, sending something express makes people think it's very important and worth alot of money. Cheryl has been wonderful concerning the problem. Something great is gonna come Cheryl's way.

I've started on Edgar's linen, I've got a tree done. I need to mail Vonna's Fair & Square, I so badly want to show a picture of what I did, but I'll wait. I want Vonna to be surprised!

Plus, I hate having to go back to the post office after what has happened to Cheryl's package. So I'll probably go on Saturday to hopefully mail out to Vonna.

My kitties love these boxes that they are laying in, you'd think Boo Boo Kitty would want the bigger box, but no, he loves the smaller box. It's a hoot to see them sacked out in those boxes.

Well, that's all for the night, I'm gonna try to stitch some more on Edgar's rr.

Daisy Girl

ps: today has been alittle better at work, we still need one more girl in the cafeteria, don't know if we can get one more hired! It would be so nice!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm sooo sorry Cheryl!

Many of you know I'm hosting a RR, Cheryl is my buddy to mail too each time, well, I sent my RR linen thru United States Postal Service-I sent it express international-guarantee, that way I would know Cheryl would get it, well, let's just say that she hasn't got it yet, if she wants to get it, she is gonna have to pay some stupid custom fee, excise fee, and some other fee! Can you believe that? I am mortified! What did I do wrong? Sending it express made customs go haywire. I told Cheryl that if it's too much to pay, just refuse it and it should make it's way back to me. I'll just have to have Cheryl stitch mine at the end. I'm so upset about this, oh, by the way, after speaking to three people this afternoon and one international dude, they say, sorry can't help you! Well, I can put the word out that the post office stinks! UPS/Brown, here I come! FedEx here I come! I can send my goodies thru them, I'm gonna stop by the UPS store tomorrow after work to see what UPS can do for me!
So from the bottom of my heart, I'm horrified that this has happened! I'm so sorry Cheryl.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cheryl will be able to get my linen.
What a day! Didn't make it to the bank in time, Jacob is exhausted from band practice( they practiced out in the heat today 101 degrees!) He had a bloody nose, a wasp got in the house! I had to be head cook today at school! We all hate head cook position! It's got to get better tomorrow!
Gonna go shower and stitch!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Finish for F&S!

I finished Vonna's square yesterday! I can't show it just yet, I'd like it to be a surprise for Vonna. It's an adaptation of one of her favorite designers. I still have to cross stitch my name block, but the design one is finished. Hip, hip, hooray!

School went fine today, I am so tired, my feet hurt. We feed 1600 little people today. All the new kindergarten kids are so tiny and scared. Your heart just breaks because they want to be at school, but then they get homesick for Mommas. Bless their little pea picking hearts. It gets better for them in a couple of weeks.

We've got tomatoes coming out of the wazoo! I don't even like them. John likes them though, so he plants them. I don't mind fried green tomatoes with ranch dressing! Yummy! Once they turn red, they taste like metal to me, so that's why I don't like them.

Well, off to start on Edgar's RR.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last weekend before school starts.

I've been working on Vonna's F&S block, trying to finish it. I didn't get in as much stitching time yesterday due to a migraine. Oh, I hate those things. They usually are quite sneaky, my head will hurt just alittle the night before, I'll take something, feel better, then the next morning I'll be sick as a dog. I'm taking Imitrex now, seems to work, but I always feel hung over when the meds wear off.
John's taking me out to eat this weekend. We were suppose to go out last weekend, but with him working on the wall, he got too tired, so I said next weekend will be fine. So off on a hot date tonight for me! Wheeeee!
I've got my uniforms ironed and ready for Monday. I'm gonna be wiped out! It's so hard getting back into the groove of feeding 1200 kids everyday. I hit the door running and we finish around 2:15 every afternoon.
I got my exchange partner for the Halloween exchange. Her name is Valerie, I hope she likes what I stitch for her!
Well, off to stitch on Vonna's square. I'm gathering up my flosses tonight for Edgar's rr. Busy little bee. Bye everyone!
ps: Brutus is better! Thanks to all who posted about my Roo.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Poor Brutus!

Poor Roo Roo, somehow he sprained his little paw. I feel it happened when he slipped jumping out of the tub. The crazy dog loves to lick the tub faucet. His little paw is wrapped, at least the swelling has gone down now. Poor guy.

I was able to finish those uniforms. I sure was tired of them. We had registration at our school today. Long day, but at least we don't have to go in tomorrow. One last 3 day weekend before school starts.

I received Edgar's rr linen in the mail today. His linen looks so nice. Very well done! I forgot to zig zag around the corners of my linen to keep it from unraveling. I realized that when I saw how neat Edgar's was! Oh well, I'm messy! haha Gonna try and finish my F & S to Vonna by Saturday. My goal is to start Edgar's on Sunday or Monday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Monday, August 6, 2007

Family Update!

We have been building a retaining wall on the side of our house, we want to plant some pretty flowers in there for the fall. John and the boys have been working so hard! I did help dig the trench(well, I did a tiny bit!)
I'm down to just 26 uniforms now! I've got uniforms hanging in three areas in our house! I've got till Wednesday night to finish them! I think I'll make the deadline! The kids have their band pictures made on Thursday morning! Cutting it awfully close.

Jason's friend Rebekah's home again, she was visiting her mom, so today she came over to hang out with us. She even helped unload gravel for the wall. (Hey, my hubby says, if you're here you can help!) She didn't mind, she even helped me cook dinner. How I wished I could have had a daughter too. Oh well, one day I might have a grand daughter. (Not anytime soon mind you!)
Don't really have any stitching to post! Hope to have something later this week!
Till tomorrow!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank you to BeckySC!

Thank you for accepting my membership. I can't wait to start!
Now, on to stitching news! I have Vonna's name for F&S. I'm very excited to stitch for her. I have already picked out my design, have my linen ready, just waiting to send out my rr piece before I start her square. My linen to Cheryl gets mailed tomorrow! Yeah! I hope to have my square done before I get Edgar's rr.
I'm also getting ready to start alterations on 40 band uniforms. Wish me luck! We have been having band practice every other day since we got back. Plus school starts on the 13th! Where did my summer go???? We've been getting ready for school, clothes shopping, shoes, the stuff they need.
I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm gonna sleep in! One more day at school this week for me! We have a new assistant manager, she seems nice so that's a big plus for us!
No pictures tonight. Hope to post a picture tomorrow!
Gotta go pick Jacob up from band practice. Night!