Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing catch up!

Alora is home and doing better! Yea! Thanks again for all of your prayers. I've been busy, busy, busy! Trying to get things finished is becoming harder than I remember. Still haven't found the perfect song yet. Hoping to find it by this weekend. I've got to get started on my slide show. The days are quickly rushing by, and I don't want to forget to do anything that is school related for Jacob. Once May it's here, it's gonna fly by! I'm so not ready :(

We had stitch-in last night, it was a small crowd last night. Only 5 of us there. So only have one
picture to show ya.

Last Saturday was the Prom, Jacob went stag, here's a picture of his buddies at the Historic Courthouse. I think they all looked pretty handsome if I say so for myself. :)

Until later!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look at Sweet Alora! Smiling!

Despite that mean ole nose tube, look at our girl Alora! Such a sweet baby girl! She is getting better everyday. Thank you Lord! We are thankful for all prayers lifted up to God for Alora's sake. I'm glad for friends who care!

Yes, I'll probably be boohooing alot these next couple of weeks, so I'll try not to be too sentimental, but I know that will most likely not work. Trying to find the perfect song for Jacob's slide show is horrible! I haven't found the right one yet. Any suggestions? I've got quotes ready, haven't written my letter to him yet, I'm dreading that one. I remember last year writing Jason's, a weekend spent crying my heart out. See, here I go AGAIN! Can't help it friends, bear with me.

On the stitchy front, I started that beautiful cardinal in Blackbird designs Joyeux Noel book! I'm using the silks and they are heaven to stitch with! Plus, I need to get a couple more Wickeds done, something for Band Moms who I like! lol



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alora's doing better........

Thank you to all who prayed or stopped to say a thought to her care! She is slowly getting better, still in the hospital, but from what I've been told concerning her tube, the color change from brown to green and starting to be yellowish to clear somewhat is wonderful news. Now we need a poop to make things even better! lol So thanks from the bottom of my heart and my whole family! Prayers really do help!

It's getting close now friends, I'll probably be breaking down in tears nearly everyday now. I DO NOT LIKE ALL THIS EMOTIONAL TURMOIL ! How did my kids grow up so quickly? My baby will be graduating soon. May 28Th. Graduation party on the 29Th. College in the fall. I turned in my keys tonight at my final band booster board meeting. Being on the board these last 4 years have been so wonderful and fun filled. I am gonna miss this next year. There is no marching band at Berry or SCAD. (He hasn't quite decided which one yet)

I've got to pick out pictures for a slide show presentation for the year end banquet at school. My heart is already breaking, how am I going keep from crying my friends? I feel utterly desperate right this moment. I'm not ready to let go......................... Give me courage Lord, for I do not want to break down and sob and embarrass Jacob at the banquet. I do not think John will be attending, which is sad, but he doesn't like anything that relates to the band. But, at least I've had the joy of experiencing the best 4 years of watching my son and I become close, and I hope he remembers these times spent with his Momma. I've tried to give him everything that he has asked for, some of which I wished I'd been able to give him, but I've always given him my love and this poor momma will feel so empty when her baby leaves the coop.

Well friends, my tears have fogged up my glasses and I can't write anymore.

(I'm gonna copy Michele on this)

I'm grateful for all my friends and family!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update on Alora!

Praise God that we made it thru the night! The surgeons had to remove a section of dead intestines and that Alora's fever has dropped 3 degrees, which is hovering around 101 right now, but that is much better than before. We are in ICU, and will probably be there for at least a week baring no more complications. We are waiting on Aaryn to call us and let us know the current status of Alora.

It's hard with them being up in Pennsylvania and the rest of the family down in GA. Please continue the prayers because they are helping! Thank you so much friends! It gladens my heart to have people who've I've only conversed with thru my blog, to consider them close friends to reach out too in times of need and turmoil.

Bless everyone and thanks again!

Hugs from a grateful friend!

DasiyGirl and Baby Alora!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Need Prayers For Baby Alora!

Friends, our little sunshine is fighting for her little life as we speak! She is in emergency surgery right now! Please send out prayers thru the blog world for Alora! Please pray for strength for Aaryn and Kyle as this new nightmare unfolds for them. Pray for healing hands thru the surgeons who try to repair our sweet baby girl! Pray God that you see the light that Alora has brought our family and that you let our little angel get better. Amen!

Thank you friends for always being there when I need you! It's funny how one child can be born without any cares whatsoever, and yet another child born with struggles. I know God has a plan for everyone, I just wished it was easy. I'm not saying that to be ugly, but so many hurts and griefs seem to follow us that it's hard not to be downtrodden. Pray that everyone out there continue to be well and are loved!

Thank you friends!


DaisyGirl and Baby Alora!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Have you seen it?

Hares Christmas by Paulette Stewart? It is too cute to boot! Oh, Terrie!!! You must order that for me! Please!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stitch-In Last night!

Tuesday nights are therapy friends, if you don't have a local shop to stitch in, invite some friends over to your home! It's fun to stitch, laugh, eat chocolate or whatever floats your boat. I now love Tuesdays!

Is the pollen killing y'all? Allegra is helping me, thank goodness for small favors. I love the spring, but hate the pollen onslaught. When I went outside today, my car was yellow, and you could see the yellow haze floating around in the air. Yikes! It might rain tomorrow, I hope it does. I can't believe it's already Wednesday night! My spring break is on the downslide now. :(

It will be over before I know it! When we go back we will only have 33 days of school left. YES! Then summer break! Jacob's graduation! My birthday! Wahoo!

Here's just a couple of pictures from last nights stitch-in!
ps:Scooter and Joey keep us company!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Week!

Ah, spring break is here! I plan to sleep in everyday, cross stitch when I want to, and take naps if desired! Yes, that is how I plan to spend my spring break. Chores are done for the day and I'm just chillin with the computer.

It's Stitch-In tonight and I'm going. I'll have to fix dinner first for the boys, but it will be an easy recipe. Meatballs and noodles!

I heard that my Easter exchange partner did receive my package, so I can show y'all what I made for Gaby. I know she liked everything I sent!

It's gonna be a fly by post, I've got to finish up some stuff before I leave tonight for stitch-in.

See ya!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob!

18 years ago, you arrived after 27 long hours! We were so excited to add a baby brother to our little family! You were very demanding, you knew right off that you were not gonna stay the little baby that your Momma was wanting. You crawled at 3 months, walked at 7 months and you were running by your 1st birthday! You'll favorite toy was Bat Man, you had so many of those toys and Legos! Now, mind you, you didn't want the Duplo blocks, you had to have the tiny ones, I took a chance and prayed that you wouldn't choke on a tiny Lego, you surprised all of us by putting the whole kit together by yourself! I knew then that you were gifted and you would be a bright shining star. I'm proud of you and yet I'm saddened that my turn is about to be over as you embark upon a new and wonderful and exciting world as a young man. Remember that your Momma will always do what it takes to make your dreams come true!

I love you my sweet little bunny!