Wednesday, November 28, 2007

RR shipped! Exchange sent!

Start watching the postman Cheryl, I've mailed the next rr. I've also got my SBEBB Christmas Ornament ready to go tomorrow. So hope my partner enjoys the goodies I have for her! I always take the finished item in to work so my friends at work can let me know if it is good or not.
Working on painting the kitchen cabinets, John put in a over the stove microwave, so we needed to change some of the cabinets. I'm so loving having the microwave off the counter place.
Gonna try to set up our Christmas tree later. We decided to buy a artificial tree this year. As soon as I have it decorated, I'll post a picture!
Thank you to my Secret Santa! I love the floss you sent! What a cool envelope you used!
My nephew Tim(the one in boot camp) has written to us again, he is not very happy right now. I wish I could go and get him, we will get to see him Dec.21st, he's gonna get to spend Christmas with the family! Yeah for that!
Well, gonna read the put the tree together manual. Wish me luck!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Well, hope all has enjoyed family, food and fun! We had a good time at my sister's house. The only who couldn't be there was my brother Joey, whom was missed by all. He had to work. My nephew Tim has written to us. Boot camp is horrible he says. He wants to come home. He wrote that he goes to church now every Sunday to get away from the drill Sargent. We hope to see him at Christmas. As soon as he gets out of boot camp I can start sending him care packages. They told us not to send them during boot camp, he wouldn't get them, only thing allowed is letters.

I finished my RR, it will go in the mail on Monday. Have to assemble my SBEBB ornie this weekend. Wish me luck on that.

My hand is better, they called it Trigger Finger. A shot in the tendon to relax it, I can now move my fingers around. Can't totally close my fist tight yet, but I'm working on it. That shot hurt. That's all I'm gonna say. So weird it happening though.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend! Wear your seat belt!

ps: That's the big cat Boo Boo Kitty! He is huge!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fixed picture!

Pictures and A Big BooBoo!

I received my PS ornie exchange from Rosalie! What a great job she did on her ornie for me! She sent me some material and a little candle too! Thank you Rosalie!

The ornie with the pear is what made for her, I sent along a pattern, and a bird for her tree too.

Now, on to bad news. My hands have been hurting me quite badly lately, Friday night I couldn't even bend my fingers on my left hand. I broke down and went to the ER, I have tenosynovitis in my hand, I've never heard of this, they have splinted my two fingers together. I have to see a hand surgeon this week to see if I need surgery, the tendon in my middle finger is stuck, it's like it's snapped into place and won't relax. Let me just say this has happened at the most worst time ever for me. I haven't even tried to cross stitch yet, what is my boss gonna say? Good grief for me. Plus it has made my whole hand ache. Wish me luck at work this week. I know we only have two days, so that's a plus right there.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day Feast!


ps: I know my picture looks horrible, but I felt duty bound to show off my boo-boo, plus pain meds always make me loopy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

PS Ornament/RR Update

Mailed my ornament out to Rosalie, plus sent along a little extra goody for her. I'll post pictures this afternoon when I get home from work. My RR is almost finished, top of the roof and then I'm done! My goal is to have it finished and in the mail to Cheryl this weekend.
Work seems to be bearable at the moment. Our school has been redistricted and we will lose 600 kids next year, so I may be at a new school after all. Don't know yet.
What are everyone's plans for turkey day? I'm gonna celebrate it with my family at my sister's house! I'm making cornbread dressing with egg gravy, pumpkin bread, pies(assorted) sweet tea and anything else my family would like me to make. Judy's doing the turkey and other stuff that goes with it.
It's early release day so that's why I'm up early, I have to go in an hour earlier, we do get to leave an hour early so that's ok. Well, it's 6:30am, need to get ready to go!
Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tuckered Out!

Well, our team lost the playoff game, 19 -16 in an overtime moment. The Falcons put up a fight, just couldn't make anything happen at the end. SO, that means no more Friday night games! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
I am so tired! After we got back to the school we had our annual Rock A Thon, I made it to 3:45am, had to crash. I am not as young as I'd like to believe. No takers on cross stitch, the girls just wanted to do make up. Boys, guitar hero and Scene It game, which was fun by the way. Our group won. I'll post pictures later tonight on my progress with RR.
I'm gonna go do a little Christmas shopping I think, try to get hubby to go with me.

See ya later!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on RR Pic

Thanks to all well wishers concerning my job. Here's hoping that she will be gone next year. I heard a little bug tell me that she will not be here next year. Be still my beating heart! Hoping the bug is true. I'm just going in and trying to do my job and avoid her if possible. It's a shame when a government job overlooks the many for the one.

I'm working on Lizzy's RR, plus I started a small cross stitch that my sister Judy is doing. I'm gonna try to have it finished by the Thanksgiving break. I'll post more about that one tomorrow.

We play Cedar Shoals HS this Friday, this is a playoff game, after which we (the band members) will get to spend the night in the Commons Area for our annual Rock A Thon! I'm gonna try to stay up all night, I made it to 4:30am last year. I've got to at least make it to that time! The kids use this as one of their big fundraisers, they send out a donation letter to friends and family asking for a donation for the band. The kids get to play Guitar Hero, Twister and eat all the junk stuff that they want. Fun for all! Really! I karoked last year.

I'm gonna take my cross stitch with me. Maybe get some of these teen girls into cross stitching! I'm gonna take a couple of little kits with me in case I get a few takers!

Looking forward to the weekend!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a day!

We had such a big turn out last night on Halloween! I'm being serious about running out of candy! I had bought 8 bags of good candy too, we thought for sure we'd have left over candy! Not! I ended up giving out Little Debbie snack cakes, my 100 calories pack Lorna Doone's, I love those. Next year I guess I need to buy more candy!

I'm working away on my RR for Lizzy! I hope to work on it again tonight during Survivor.

My nephew Tim is now a Army soldier. He left for boot camp today. I'm gonna miss him. He lived next door to us, so he was close to us. I will post a picture of us all together at his party on Tuesday when my SIL emails them to us. Pray that he survives boot camp and they aren't mean to my buddy!

Cooking supper right now, dinner will be soon. We try to eat around 6pm everyday.

I hate my job! When it became not a team effort anymore, I know my boss doesn't read my blog, so I can vent! We have a new assistant manager-we want her gone!!!! I'm sorry, but I know how to cook freakin green beans Karen! This women hovers over you, picking out things you are doing wrong, this is some of the things she has said to me: Oh, your hair is slipping out from your hairnet, maybe you should cut your hair! ? Not! Those green beans look done, did you read the recipe? Am I stupid? Not! Oh, you need to test your thermometer! Duh! Everyday! I'm studying myself to be a assistant manager and I feel like she doesn't want me to take her job, I don't want her job! I want to transfer to my kids school. The sad part is, she does it to everyone of the ladies in our cafeteria. Poor Carol left in tears today. She has worked for 14 years doing this kind of work, she knows what to do! That Karen is gonna make people want to quit. 2 ladies and myself are seriously thinking about quitting! Pray for us that this lady wakes up and realizes what she is doing!

Sorry about venting!

Hugs for all who like me!

ps: Daisy was talking to me!