Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Night Stitch-In

Here we are, another Tuesday night spent stitching away with friends. As usual, I remembered the camera after Karen left again, so next week I need to make sure I get a snap of Karen stitching away on her stitchy piece. Small crowd tonight, we missed seeing our usuals, but we know the a job is a job, funeral home visits are not fun, yada, yada, so just know you were missed!

The shop has lots of cool new things from Market, so check out the website or call us and we can hook you up with new things to drool over.

No stone yet, so I'm guessing it's on hiatus, fine with me, I don't mind not having to deal with pain. I still have a cold, it just won't go away. We keep passing it back and forth to each other at work. Or I should say, it keeps coming back to me! With my PsA, I have no immune system anymore, so I catch everything. It's late, and I'm freezing to death, I'm gonna go try to warm myself up in the bed. I need Butters and Daisy to come help keep me warm!

See ya later!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet my nephew and niece!

Here we are, look how tall Tim is! He's my boy! I'll never forget when he was born, he was so little and quite a eater! He's grown into a fine young man, his leave is over and he's back on the plane to Washington. He just has gotten home from Kuwait safe and sound. It was great having them over for a cookout. I got lucky and had Tiffany and Justin join us for grilling out steaks. We enjoyed their company and was sad to see them go. I miss not having them next door to me anymore.

Tomorrow night is stitch-in and I'm looking forward to going and spending time with my stitching buddies. Plus, Terrie will tell me all about Market. I hope she got some neat stuff for the shop.

No stone yet, I'm alittle uncomfortable tonight, so I wish it'd hurry up and pass or lie low for a couple more months or years! hahaha

As too my never ending struggle with distress, I really must write a book. I'm sure people would read it and laugh! It's terrible feeling like you chose the wrong path, I need a fairy wand to wave and just jump between what I envisioned and what I have. Man, can you imagine the money I'd make if I could sell those magic fairy wands! I WANT ONE!!! It must be a middle age crisis that I'm going through. I never thought I'd have this worry in my life.

Well, I'm off to Farmville, I've got way too many cows that need milked! I have to say I enjoy the game, it makes me not worry so much about life. Shoot Doctor Phil! He doesn't know crap!


Hugs my friends,


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy Day spent recouping.

I spent most of my day in the bed friends, sleeping and resting. Trying to get over my cold, plus having no luck with my stone. At least it's found a cozy spot and hopefully I'll get a break from the horrid pain of passing those suckers.
Watching the Olympics on TV today. Gotta love the speed skating. Haven't gotten to see any of the curling events, hope to catch that on tv tomorrow. I will be busy tomorrow, my nephew Tim is coming over for a cookout, so I've got to cleanup the house a bit, plus run to the store for afew groceries. Gotta bake that boy his favorite muffins, pecan pie muffins! Hmmmmmmmm, yummy!
Well, friends, it's late and I'm going to bed!
See ya later,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday!

I can't wait! I plan to be a lazy hound dog and stitch this weekend! I've got 2 exchanges to assemble and get in the mail. So I'll be busy with that. Plus my nephew Tim is home from Kuwait and we are cooking out on the grill for him. It will be nice to see him. He loves his Aunt Donna's pecan pie muffins! Which I will have plenty for him to munch on.
Market is this weekend and I know Terrie will be very busy looking and deciding what will be great for The Stitch Store! I'm hoping for totally cool things to see when she gets back!
I haven't passed my kidney stone yet, the darn thing just moved to a cozy spot and hopefully it can stay there for awhile without bothering me. Did you know it can take up to 2 years to make a stone? Plus it can takes months to pass? That's just crazy, but I have passed more than my share of stones. as of last count, I've passed a total of 32 stones. My KUB exam shows 3 stones, so I know sooner or later those little suckers will travel down. hahaha
Just think friends, in 3 and half months my baby will graduate from high school. I'm already sniffling just thinking of it! My older son Jason has asked Jolissa out on a date. Well, I just love that girl, she was one of my band kids from last year. I know they will enjoy themselves on their date. Maybe she can jump start Jason into wanting to get a job. He will need money to take her out. hahaha
We are watching the Olympics and cheering on the USA. I want to see the curling events. I think that John wants to see that too. As to us, I do feel alittle better. I think it is very easy to get into a dull, day to day routine and forget why you married this person. I do love him and we are getting to a point in our relationship that no longer is consumed by what the kids need or want, but with what we need or want. I'm hoping that John's work will hold out and he can stay working so that we can take a holiday together. We really need it. What women doesn't want to be wooed all over again? I know I do. I want some romance back in our life. (I know what y'all are thinking, don't we all?)
I've blown your ears off for the night! Hoping everyone has a great Friday and a fun weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Hint of Hope.....

Thank you to my close friends who always know just what to say. Only true friends stand by a person who is experiencing any kind of turmoil. Thank you!

I want what I had before Band season started 4 years ago. So I'm holding on to hope that things will work out. Keep me in your thoughts.

Today was better than I envisioned. Thank you to my son Jason who always has an ear for his Momma!

Love you Jason!

I will have pictures tomorrow for my stitching buddies!



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unusal Post for Me........

Hi my friends,
Today's post is very hard for me. How many of you are in a slump in your relationship? I hesitate to blog about it, but I am falling down a dark spiral of despair. 25 years and what do I have to show for it? I do have two wonderful young men as proof of a happy union. But, alas, fairy tales seem to fade. Is it my age? I'm only 43, and he is 47 and yet I am beaten down without hope. Some of my family will read this and worry, but is it fair for me to be depressed and unloved. I can't write much more, my tears are causing my eyeglasses to fog. :(
Wishing all my friends a Happy Valentine's Day. Make it special for your loved one.

Your Sad DaisyGirl

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do My Eyes Deceive Me? Snow in Dacula?

Yes, we have snow! I didn't think it would happen. We always get teased with the threat of snow, then people go nuts trying to buy out the grocery store, yada yada, just to be disappointed. Well, here in Dacula, when I left my school, it was snowing pretty heavily. Got home, and since I still had my headache from yesterday, I figured, I'm going to bed and try to get rid of my headache. Well, woke up 3 hours later to find we are covered up! Not going anywhere! I had to call my son who was with his buddy to make him promise not to be out in the bad weather! Micheal and Jacob! I will know! Mom's always know! I have spies everywhere! hahahah (You gotta worry about teenage boys!)

The cross stitch shop will be closed tomorrow friends! Just stay home and be safe!

Don't y'all just hate it when you eat a Sugar Baby and it sticks to your teeth? Ugh! I love them, but after 3 little babies, I'm done! Can't take it! Toothbrush, here I come!

Stay Warm My friends!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday night at the shop!

Another fun night at stitch-in! It is so much fun everyone! I really enjoy these evenings. Talking smack, cross stitching, eating M&M's, well, I didn't cheat tonight. Not one M&M for me! Not even a Mountain Dew! God, I wanted one really bad though! I drank water, and had one coffee drink!

My Valdani floss came in, so I'll be trying punch needle friends! I got the Christmas Stamp pattern from With Thy Needle! Wahoo! I love her stuff!

Market is coming up and I can't wait! New cool stuff to drool over! It's next weekend!

Last night was the 4th Annual Taste of Dacula! It was awesome! Best yet! I'm so glad that Jacob's Senior year is turning out to be the best for him! I'm trying to make sure he gets to do what he wants! I was last nights announcer with the mic, and let me tell you, I love the mic! Give me a mic and I'm happy! I would so love Karaoke! But, alas John and I will never get to do something like that together. I'd embarrass him! hahaha
I was a Drama Geek and a singer in my school years. I remember getting up and singing during our Senior Talent Show! I sang two songs! I wish I would have pursued that more!

Well, friends, it's after midnight once again! I'm hopping between Facebook and Blogger, so I'm gonna sign out!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday!

Well, we had tons of goodies to eat, friends to see! Karen is doing this incredible huge cross stitch design. Geez! I'm such a wimp! I like smaller projects! hahaha
Market is coming up soon for the cross stitch shop. Busy, busy, busy! I myself can't wait to see all the cool new patterns and goodies. I sure hope Blackbird Designs come out for another winning monthly series! I know I'll buy them.
I'm trying to figure out how to put a picture that was taken of me on blogger from my cell phone. Gosh, I hate being a girl sometimes. (Nah!) It does make it easier to get a guy to do it for you. (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm bad! So shoot me!)
Hoping that your football team won! I voted for Peyton Manning's team. I really don't know why, just picked him, because I recognised his name. Isn't that terrible!
Have a great night!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Had my first swimming session!

Alrighty friends! I went swimming yesterday at the Collins Hill Aquatic Center. When I went in, I asked is there an old lady lap lane? I couldn't help it. I know Dr. J wants me to add low impact exercise to my weekly success story. The swimming wasn't too bad, I did manage to swim 12 laps! Wahoo!!! Now, let me tell you that I was very tired when I finished the laps, but a good kinda tired. I will need to get a snugger bathing suit if I continue, I need lots of support with the top rack. I wore my contacts so that I'd be able to see. I'd sure hate to run into somebody. There wasn't that many at the pool. It's a heated indoor pool and was very relaxing. They did tell me about Tuesday night swim is different, as they change the way the laps travel. But alas, I won't be missing my Stitch-Ins for swimming.

I did work tonight at the shop. I've been getting all our monthly automatics sent out. It's so fun getting these little packages sent out in the mail. Plus getting to see all the new cool stuff! Heaven! I'm in Heaven!

Don't forget about Super Bowl Sunday at The Stitch Store, bring your favorite snacky food to share and lets talk stitching! (No Football allowed!) Only kidding! I know many of you are big fans.

I do think that I'll get to do the Remicade after all. The Remistart Program will pay $4400.00 of the cost, so instead of $5750, it will cost us $1350.00. That's still very expensive, but I need to try it to see if it will help out. My skin rashes are coming back and my right hip is very uncomfortable. Just need to get on the schedule with the Remicade team.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Not too cold or wet, and plans to be surrounded by friends and loved ones!



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Night Stitch-In!

Well, as usual the table was packed! I am quite enjoying these Tuesday nights! As I said to someone earlier, it's a chance for women smackdown! (You men know we talk about you!) Little Joe Joe was there keeping everyone company. I showed Terrie my Farmville, and we forgot to close it down, and Joe Joe was intently watching all my farm critters move about the farm. So funny!

Don't forget about our Sunday Football Special! We will be open on SuperBowl Sunday from 10am to 5pm. We will have snacks, feel free to drop by and spend the afternoon with us. Bring your favorite yummy to eat and let's have fun!

Here's a couple of pictures from tonights stitch-in!
As to me wanting to lose 20 pounds, I'm gonna start swimming, which will be tomorrow night, plus I'm gonna cheat and try some Dexatrim. With all my RA meds, I can't seem to lose any weight. So I'm gonna try and jump start myself! Vanity lately has gripped me something fierce. I want to stay young looking forever! So wish me luck. Plus I'm trying to drink more water! I drank 3 8oz. water bottles today! Wahoo! (I know I'm supposed to drink more than that, but Gosh! I hate the bloated feeling you get!)

Well, it's getting close to midnight once again, Farmville/checked! Petville/checked! Pictures loaded on blogger/checked!

Getting to bed on time! Not! but, hey it's worth it!
Night friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tomorrow Night Stitch-In!

Hi Y'all!
Tomorrow night is stitch-in, and I'm going! Hoping to see new patterns at the shop. That's the best part, getting to see all the new stuff from Hoffman every week! Plus Market is coming up and I will be waiting to see the newest goodies that Terrie will bring back. I work Thursday and Sunday of this weekend. We are having a Super Bowl Party on Sunday. So if you'd rather hang out with us instead of the hubby and football insanity, come on down to The Stitch Store and have some fun! I'll be there, wearing my new satin shirt that I got! It's so cool!
This will be a very busy week for me, work, stitch-in, swimming, work, shop, whew! I'm looking forward to swimming. I'm gonna set a goal to lose 20 pounds. I know I can do it! I've got my eyes on something that I want and come hell or high water, I'm gonna make it mine! (Hint!)
I cheated today and had to take a nap! :(
On Facebook, someone posted that we should put our picture up when we are little, go check mine out on Facebook! I just had to show y'all mine!