Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend has come and almost gone!

We have been very busy this weekend. Jacob had to perform at a NFL signing party for Kenny and David Irons! These 2 young men went to Dacula High School before playing football for Auburn. Kenny was drafted by the Bengals, and David was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons! I'm excited for these young men. Dacula hasn't seen this much excitement in a long time. Go Team!
Jason's Eagle project was approved! Thank you Lord! Now we just need to get started on our fundraising!
Still have not found the camera charger, so I can't update my stitching pictures. :(
I'm wanting to get started on Miss jetty alittle something for her retirement party on the 16th. Need to get in gear and hurry. We are down to 18 days of school left! The trumpets will be sounding off the countdown! YEAH! I want summer break to get here fast.
Well, off to start stitching! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling better!

Thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes! It is such a wonderful thing to know you have friends in life. Thank you so much. I went back to work today, no fever, still have a stuffy nose and my asthma is back again under control. I have to be careful when I get sick, my asthma can make a tiny cold turn to pneumonia in a blink of the eye.
We had a perfect Team of Excellence notebook at my school! I'm the nutrition team leader so I was proud. This was my first year of being in charge of it! Very happy because now the cafeteria staff will earn a $700 bonus! The girls were glad to see me today to find out whether we did good or not.
I finished Anglyn's graduation piece. I will find a way to post the picture tomorrow. You see, I have 2 teen boys that have misplaced the digital camera charger. So I can't charge the camera to take my picture. Err!
Eagle day is approaching quickly. Tomorrow we have to make 5 notebooks to take to the board. I've got to pick up 5 notebooks tomorrow, plus make 125 copies. Each book must have his proposal in it.
Any suggestions on a quick stitchy piece for a lady who is retiring from the lunchroom? She loves the color lavender. Ms. Jetty is around 73 years old. I sure hope I'm still active like she is at that age.
Well, Johnny's rubbing it in that I need to go to bed, I have work tomorrow. He is off for a 3 day weekend. he is very happy about that.
Until later!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got a cold!

By the time I left my meeting Monday after school, I was sick. I haven't gotten that sick so quickly in a long time. I guess it must be a cold, low fever, a terrible cough. I'm having to do breathing treatments 3 times a day. The only thing about working at the school is you see sick little kids everyday. I do get a flu shot, just think how I'd be if I hadn't gotten one the nurse said. Oh well.
I managed to stitch a little this afternoon. I added the sun to Anglyn's sampler. Hope to post pictures tonight or tomorrow.
Jason has his Eagle Board on Saturday. Please keep your fingers crossed that they approve his Eagle project. I can't believe the extra stress this has put on our household.
Until later, need to go lay down, I feel wiped out.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Graduation Piece Pictures

Finally got my test results back yesterday. Apparently I have 4 cysts on my ovaries. That is why my side has been burning. At this point there is not alot I can do except take my pain meds if I get hurting too badly. I'm glad it was not my appendix. I was worried that I'd have to have surgery. I know my boss will be glad that I won't have to miss work.

I added more to the graduation piece. It is a Just Another Button company design that I picked up last year. I think it is cute. I am gonna leave the boy out of it and add the school name and year. What do you all think about the diploma in her hand? Should I at least outline it?

Be back later!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wedding Bells are in the future!

I think Justin is gonna pop the question to my niece soon. She showed me a couple of sites they would like to get married at. Oh my gosh, this means I have got to stitch like the wind. You see, I put up the Brooke's Book's Wedding Line sampler that I had been working on up, I feared I'd jinxed Tiffany, so I quit stitching on it, now I need to get serious and stitch.
Still working on Anglyn's graduation piece, have added the legs and hands. Can you all see the diploma in her hand? I'm not sure if I should change the diploma's color choice. I changed the linen color to a pale hand dyed sky cloud blue. What do ya'll think? I don't mind ripping out. I want it to look good.
No answers on my test, call in to the doctor tomorrow. It will be over 48 hours tomorrow, more than enough time to to get test results back.
Be back shortly, need to hop to the other computer to add the pictures.I really need to learn how to use this new computer.

ps:Anna, have you heard from Kim yet?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Beginnings of Graduation Stitching

Here is the beginnings of Anglyn's graduation present. I have changed the hair color to represent Anglyn's hair and the school's colors. Plan to stitch more on it tonight during Dancing with The Stars!

Still under the weather, had my test on Monday. Now the waiting game. Hope to hear something soon.

We are down to 26 days of school! Yeah baby! Can't wait! Summer vacation is calling my name.

My local cross stitch shop called to tell me my Cat and Mouse pattern from Workbasket is in, I need to get down there asap. I want to stitch those!!!
Well, need to rest and stitch.
Till later,

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Birthday Pics/My boys!

My niece Madeleine turned 7! She was a happy camper at all her presents, guitar and those wheelie shoes(she is gonna bust her little booty until she learns how to walk in them shoes!) The dress she is wearing is my present to her, she loves prairie skirts-I found a prairie dress for her! She looks adorable in her dress. It makes me happy that they are liking dresses now, I'm gonna make them both a summer dress!

Jacob clowning around in his pretend beard! That other guy with Boo Boo Kitty is my nephew Tim, that boy is like my own, he lives next door to me. He is studying for the Navy entrance exam. He wants to join the Navy. I'll be sad if he does, but I know he will make us proud. my boys look up to Tim, always have and always will I guess. I love having my family close to me!

I'm feeling alittle pain this evening, I didn't want to take my pain meds while I was at my nieces because I wanted them to see me normal, not drugged. I took meds as soon as we got home!

I will post my picture of the graduation piece I'm working on tomorrow!

Thank you all for caring about me while I have been under the weather! Your comments brighten my day! :)


Friday, April 13, 2007

Insurance is the pits!

Due to stupid human error, not on my side, but on the insurance's side, my test was cancelled due to the fact they thought I didn't have a certification number. Once they realized their mistake after turning me away, they have rescheduled my ct scan for Monday. So I really don't have much news, still hurting on my right side. The only thing with pain meds is that you sleep too much. I've been holding off to take my meds for later tonight. I started a new stitching project, which I will post later this weekend. Hope to be awake long enough to stitch on it.
John will be off next week due to a slow down at work, hope his mini vacation as he calls it won't last too long. Our bills like money too much. haha
I'm gonna try to go to my niece's birthday party tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow night. My brother and my parents are going with me. John's working out in his wood shop, so the master woodsman must not be disturbed during his creative time. At least he is making us a wood bowl.
Well, off to take shower and rest some.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Broke down and finally go to doctor:(

I decided my side has hurt long enough. I wished I hadn't went, now I need to have cat scan. My doctor thinks that it might be my appendix. That will be swell. I have all the classic symptoms, but we will wait and see how the scan goes on Friday. My hubby says I just want a new Beanie Baby. haha. Every time that I have been sick John always buys me a new beanie.
We had a great Easter, I'll post a couple of pictures later tonight when I use the other computer. The guys had a great Easter Egg hunt. Thanks to my parents for making that day special for my boys!
I received my linen from Mary Kathryn! I love the linen! It is beautiful! It will make a nice graduation present for Anglyn. Guess I'll go start dinner, kinda hungry says my crew over here.
Until later!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter! Thank you Lord for your son Jesus!

Now, on to stitching! I completed a couple more blocks on my Game board sampler. Yeah! I'm still waiting for my linen to do Anglyn's graduation present. I found a new cross stitch shop in Duluth yesterday. It is called the Needlework House. Nice little shop, a little stash shopping was done. Mary the shop owner was very helpful! She didn't have the Cat and Mouse pattern from Workbasket, so she ordered it for me!

I got 2 pieces of linen, the colors are lavender and pale yellow, 32 count by the way. Flip It from LK and floss colors for Anglyn's cross stitch! The nice thing is it only took me about 25 minutes to get to her shop, that is so much better than an hour to get to Abcdarius in Marietta. I'll have a shop to go hang out at now!

Well, need to go and start homemade mac and cheese, we are going over to Momma's today for Easter dinner, plus a big kid's Easter Egg hunt! I'll take pictures!

Have a great day!


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hi Cheryl !

Do me a favor, email me your snail mail address so that I can mail your pif when I'm done! You are my first! Yes that counts!
Survivor comes on tonight, so post will be short till later!

Look what I received today!

I got my Santa exchange in the mail today from Sharon. Nice Santa Sharon! Plus some linen and a pattern. Thank you!

I hoped my order from Mary Kathryn's had come but, not yet. I'm waiting on some hand dyed linen so that I can start my neighbor girl a graduation sampler. I really like Anglyn and I've introduced her back to stitching. She has almost finished a little kit I gave her last week. Good girl Anglyn!

Plan to relax today. I watched Jazzy yesterday. I'm alittle tired today. I did keep Jazzy on a busy schedule. We went to the park, went to McDonald's to eat, colored and crafted like crazy! I'll take a picture of her with her caterpillars we made yesterday.

Just a note on my side, I have had kidney stones before, it's been 2 years since my last spell with them, well, they're back! I have passed one, 2 more to go. Had a total of 3 little demons. I've got to quit drinking sweet tea! You are talking to a girl from the south, I drank tea in my bottle! I love my sweet tea!

Hope to pass the other stones quickly!

Well, gonna go get cleaned up! Lunch time is calling!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Jacob!

Today my son Jacob is 15 years old. It doesn't seem possible that 15 years ago I was in labor having him. Where has the time flown? I am feeling very sad today. I always feel sad when it's one of my children's birthdays. He has had a good day. Family came by to celebrate his cake. His friend might get to stay the night with us.

I watch Jazzy tomorrow. I have the day planned for us. Lots of activities and places to go to, hopefully we have a good day. She is 2 years old and a bundle of energy. :)

I have completed 5 squares on my Game Board Sampler. Posting that picture for ya'll to see.

So far I have had a great spring break. I am planning on having Thursday just for myself. I am looking forward to that. I think I'll order Chinese food that day! I love chinese food!

Dancing With the Stars! comes on tonight, I want to make sure I am showered and stitching ready at my chair for tonights show. I love that show. Now, if only I could get John to dance.......

Hoping everyone has had a great day!


PS: I am gonna offer a Pay It Forward! The first 5 who blog me back, I will make and send you alittle something special! I've been wanting to do this for awhile. You will get your giftie from me within 6 months time! Only thing, you have to offer a PIF on your blog! I'm waiting!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Movie was great!

Wild Hogs was so funny. I laughed the whole movie. Even my husband thought it was funny. I tell you what, John Travota still looks good to me. (Always have liked him) The scene in the woods is crazy, the cop guy is a nut! I laughed so hard I thought I'd tinkled in my pants, didn't but had to make a bathroom run during the movie. I ordered a small Coke, let me tell you the size of their smalls looked like a large to me. Glad we went! It's been a while since we have been to the movies.
I hate to say this but I took a nap today and now I can't sleep. It's midnight here and I guess I'm gonna stitch when I finish online. At least I don't have to work this week. Good ole spring break. I should have 3 more squares done on my GBS. I'll post them tomorrow.
I haven't felt very good this past week. My right side feels like it's on fire. It hurts like heck then it kinda subsides, then it starts to burn again. My husband wants me to go to the doctor. But, I am fearful of having a big doctor bill to have to pay. Hope it goes away soon.
Well, gonna stitch till I get sleepy! Hope everyone had a great weekend!