Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've got to get busy.......

A few more Disney photos!

I need to get my booty in gear and starting stitching. I've got Carol's and Valerie's RR's in my basket of need to do now! Both are gorgeous and pretty! Love the colors. It has been neat seeing every one's color and linen choices. I'll post pictures of both of them tomorrow. My camera battery is needing to recharge itself. I think I might need a new battery.

Jacob's birthday is Friday. Not sure yet on if he's gonna have a get together this weekend or wait until spring break.

I've tried twice to put that video up in the blog. I'll try again today. I'm afraid it's too big for blogger. So we will see whether or not it will work. I so want everyone to see the band marching at Disney!

Spring break is next week and I'm planning on getting both the Quaker RR's finished and finish up my Ornie exchange.

Hope everybody is doing good and having a great day. I normally don't preach to people about faith or church issues, but Sunday's sermon kind of kicked me in the rear. I need to give gratitude to God, and pause for outsiders. How many times have I turned the other way when I could have helped out. I need not to be afraid to talk about my faith.

Are you stagnant? I have been and I plan to stand firm and really get back in church. I've just been floating around in the same pond and I need to change the water! Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but life is short and I want to live my life and give thanks to God for allowing me this life that I have!

Every now and then I might plant a seed of faith in my blog!

Happy night to everybody!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another death in the family................

John's first cousin Jesse passed away on Thursday. He was 47, he died of 3 brain aneurysms. John and Jessie grew up right next door to each other. He was John's buddy, scout mate, best
friend and as he was growing up, his partner in crime. hahahaha His life was quickly snuffed out before his time. Jesse did request to be an organ donor and hopefully someone else will be given a second chance at life.
The funeral will be tomorrow, so I might not get a chance to blog.
No stitching has gotten done at all :(

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Disney Pictures!

Kyle is such a clown! Very fun to be around!

I am happy to be home, I finally got to stitch yesterday. I did take some stitching with me on the bus ride. But that proved harder to do than I thought. I sat at the back of the bus near the bathroom, and every bump or jump made me prick my fingers. So I ended up just reading my magazine.
Since I am so far behind on my stitching, this weekend I'm gonna pull a all weekender of stitching. I've got the next Quaker ready to start. I'm tackling the horns this time! Hope I don't have to frog too much! (hahaha)
My Daisy and Butters were both lost without me. They turned to John for lap time. He says he doesn't like animals much, but let me tell you this, he's an old softie at heart.
Enjoy more pictures! I'm gonna try to add the video, so hopefully I'll get it loaded without too much problem.
Spring break is just around the corner! I'm looking forward to some me time!

Hugs to all my friends!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A whirl wind blew through my house! Heavy post!

(This is my motley crew!)

Well, for starters, I am ok, just totally blown out tired. Remember our band trip? to Walt Disney? Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just that it took me almost two whole weeks of sewing and repairing uniforms, packing 55 uniforms, making sure every teen had the following, black socks, sequins, hat boxes, black gloves and last but not least, marching shoes! Whew! That was more than one person could stand! But did I quiver? No! I over came mountains of whines from students: Mama Bennett(that's what my kids call me) I can't find my sequins! I forgot my socks! Let's just say that Daniel better love me forever! I wear a size 6 shoe, he wears a size 12, that poor boy borrowed my Jacob's socks and then Jacob wore mine. My snap fell off! Can you sew it back on? My pants split! Horray for iron on patches!
I will say that I loved every minute of these last three weeks! After Jacob graduates high school next year, what am I gonna do? No one will need me! Egads! I'll have to follow Jacob to college!
Also my duties were Band Nurse, since I am the only one who has a certified first aid card, which I have to renew this summer. My hotel room had to have a refrigerator! Wahoo for cold Mountain Dew! I had to keep medication drops refrigged for one young man. (This poor guy is allergic to everything!
I walked blisters on both of the pads and soles of my feet! I was ready to come home on Monday.
I am so blessed that I was able to spend this time with my Jacob and his best friends. The whole trip was perfect, great weather, good kids, only one kid passed out on me this trip! ( That's a whole other post!) Disney is awesome! It makes me wish that my other son Jason could have gone with us.
I'm gonna try to put the video of the band marching in the parade around the Magic Castle! Jacob will have to help me on that one. I filled a 2meg memory card full of pictures.
As for stitching? Shame on me! No stitching, bad girl! Ulla, I did get my rr mailed out to you!
I will have to to do pictures over the next few days, since Blogger will only allow so many!
More tomorrow friends! I am so glad to be home!