Monday, March 31, 2008

Mailed Quaker RR, finished Hope's Bag

I finished Hope's bag over the weekend. I think it has turned out beautiful. I love the material I found for it. Hope starts her chemo next week and I have had this urgency to get this bag completed. I'm gonna take it to her tomorrow after work.

I have Anna's PS exchange almost ready to ship. Gonna put everything together this evening.

Daisy had to get her shots this afternoon. What an ordeal that was. It took me 20 minutes just trying to catch her, she hides under the bed. Finally caught her, much to her dismay. Poor dear, had a anxiety attack, she shed so much of her fur and she had a fear smell going on. Thank goodness the vet was quick and we were home in under a hour.

My nephew will be stationed in New York. For now. So we are all very happy about that. My cousin was not so lucky, he gets deployed to Iraq in June. Poor Billy.

Everyone have a great day!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where did the week go?

We had a wonderful Easter. My nieces are such sweeties. I'm gonna see Maddie girl play soccer this weekend. The egg hunt was good, each found at least 24 dollars. We hide money in our eggs! The only picture you don't see is my nephew Donny, his pix looked blurry, so no photo of him.

That is my Vera Bradley purse, of which I'm in love with! Thanks to my sissy for getting me that purse! Love you!

This is the cross stitch for my friend Hope who has Breast cancer! She starts chemo in 3 weeks, so I will have the bag ready in time! I'm hoping to put the bag together this weekend on Sunday. All that's left to stitch is Hope, and that's all back stitches, so shouldn't take long at all.

I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow, so wish me luck, I'm always afraid they will mess my hair up, but spring is here and I want to look younger than I am (I hate getting older!) I am not against botox if it makes you look younger. We will see what the dermatologist says later in April. Vanity is my secret name! hahaha

Busy weekend planned. Date night with John on Friday, Soccer game on Saturday and sewing on Sunday! Whew! Then we have only one more week of school till spring break!

My youngest son turns 16 next week. April 3rd. Good grief, where did the years go? Have no idea what he wants for his birthday. I did order him a cool looking wolf shirt he picked out, but that's not enough. Maybe a party for his teen friends. We will see!

I'm hoping that everyone has had a great week and that everyone is getting spring fever! Sorry for Cheryl though, I read she has snow!

Night ya'll!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoys Easter. We have a egg hunt for the kids. I'll take pictures of course. I bought a ham from the Honey Baked Ham store. I love that ham, it's so tasty and delicious.

I got lots of goodies in the mail today! Thank you to Anna! What a wonderful exchange. She stitched me a PS bunny! She also sent me a tiny little basket with tiny eggs in it, so cute, plus a little pattern with a sweet button.

Edgar sent me his Christmas Quaker pattern! Thank you! I plan to start that one during my summer break. I need to start buying up flosses, it takes 20 skeins of the green color. Whew!

I won a pattern on Ebay, it should hopefully get to me sometime next week. I'll probably stitch that one for my Feathered Friends exchange.

Bless everyone tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Having trouble sleeping......

Gosh, I never have sleep problems, but tonight I can't sleep. One thing about GA spring weather is the blooms everywhere, my allergies are so bad tonight I can hardly breathe. Sneezing a couple times a minutes is tiring. My eyes burn. Looks like I need to call the doctor, every year around this time I have to go on meds to help me survive!
My sister is the greatest! She has picked up a Vera Bradley bag for me! I can't wait till Sunday to get it! This will be my first piece! I picked out the yellow bird design.
Well, this will be short, it's almost midnight and Ugg! I have to work tomorrow, so I better try again to sleep!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pictures to post

Finally some stitching pictures! Ya were probably wondering if I even stitched at all. haha

I started the VoHRH, that's the beginning of the block 5, I know, I know, why start there, I figured if I did that one then I'd know I'd have plenty of room on either side of the linen piece. The other piece is the Hope project, I love those Belle Soie silks! Thanks to Mary Kathryn for designing this piece to benefit breast cancer! Way to go!

The other little square is gonna be just the bunny with the chick. Easter snuck up on me! I'm gonna try to have it completed for next weekend's Easter table decoration.

Kendra, thanks for your advice, I think Jacob really likes the French horn, but we haven't made our minds up yet.

We have a 3 day weekend coming up, we get Good Friday off. Yeah! Spring break is in 2 weeks for us. Those are my flowers in the front bed of the house. They smell so sweet! I've never tried to grow those before,but I think they look great.

Well, off to stitch, chores and computer blogging is done for the day!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pictures of Festival at UGA

Well, Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day. The Symphonic Band performed at UGA(Go Dawgs!) for Festival. We didn't do too badly. We got 2 Excellents, 1 Good in sight reading. We really wanted Superior, but didn't get it. Well, next year.

This momma hen here has a problem, Jacob has always played the clarinet, 3 years of private lessons, now, this year his band director had a zillion holes to fill since we had 25 seniors graduate last year. So Harkness asked Jacob to try the French horn in symphonic and the mellophone in marching band. So Jacob has pretty much had to learn 2 new instruments. Which of course he has, but not like he can play the clarinet. We (I) are hoping to get a scholarship for college, and I was hoping it would be clarinet.

So, the question is, should we push for clarinet back or will we be better off trying for French horn. I know you have to be good to get the scholarships and I want what's best for Jacob, not what's best for a band director just trying to fill holes. So if anyone out there has advice, I'm willing to listen. I'm willing to provide for private lessons in French horn if that's the best for Jacob (even though my husband is furious that we would have wasted 3 years worth of private lessons in clarinet.) Ugg! Why is life so confusing sometimes?

As to stitching, I do have a start on VoHRH, as soon as camera recharges, I'll take pictures! I also have a start on the Hope piece for my friend who has breast cancer.(BTW, she is home from the hospital recovering from double mascetomy-she starts 4 rounds of chemo soon.)

Would you believe a tornado passed over us today! The siren went off and everything. Let me just tell you, trying to round up my animals was no fun. My kitties were frightened, I ended up leaving them hiding under the bed, dog did coming willingly with us to the laundry room to hide. Atlanta was hit pretty hard, in Flowery Branch were my hubby was working, the factory was lightly touched, hail the size of golf balls, sure hope John's truck isn't too beat up.

Well, that's all for now. I know I talked your ear off!


ps: Jacob sure does look handsome in his tux.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Quaker RR is ready....

Stayed up late last night to finish. Glad it's done, my goals are to send it on it's way by the end of the week. I finished my exchange with Anna(the stitching part), now I need to finish it! That's what I'll be doing this week. Plus starting VoHRH. Ohhhh, 36 count will be tiny! Yikes!

Will post later if I can!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tea Time for Me!

Look what came in the mail today! Cathy had my name in the Tea Time exchange. Cathy totally spoiled me with not one, but two stitched pieces! I love them both! I love how she made the pinkeep to hold a bag of tea! Brilliant idea! Plus I got a scissor fob! Love it, love it, love it!

Plus A SB kit, I love SB too. I can't wait to try the different types of tea bags that she sent me. I'm gonna try the BerryBlossom White tea tonight. Truffles will be eaten secretly! Hubby likes them too.(hahaha)

What a great exchange this has been! What a great group of stitchers we have in the SBEBB!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Finally pictures of baby Cadence!

Anglynn visited today with the baby! It is hard to believe she is 2 weeks old! Time does not stand still for no one! We took lots of pictures. The boys both took turns holding her. Jacob couldn't get over how tiny her hands were. The one picture is of his hand and her hand. So sweet. Anglynn is such a sweet mommy. I did offer frequent baby sitting if she needs to take a break. Living 3 houses down will be easy for all of us!

Now, on to stitching news! Tea Time is winging it's way to it's partner. I worked so hard on my first pinkeep. As soon as I know she has it, I'll post a picture! I'm finishing my spring exchange with Anna this weekend. I had hoped to get a pattern kit from Mary Kathryn today, but alas, no goody in the mail. My friend Hope has her breast surgery on Monday and I so wanted to have that cross stitch done asap! I'm gonna make it into a possible bag for her. So that way when she has chemo, she has a bag to put a book or whatever in it! Us girls are trying to decide something extra special for her, she has already told us, she will wear a wig, I suggested, us getting our hair cut short in honor of her! I wonder what my husband would say? Don't know if we will! I think it would be great myself! Wish her the best on her fight against breast cancer! This is the first time it has affected someone that I know and care for!

Work is crazy. Up in the air about whether I will be at my school next year or a new school. Nobody whats to commit to a yes until we know where the asst. manger will be. Isn't that sad that nobody whats to work with that woman. Time will tell.

Well, I've blown your ear off for now! Enjoy the pictures!

(The baby smelled so heavenly!)

(Makes me want one!) hahaha


(Which by the way, Daisy was jealous I think, she kept trying to get up in my arms while I was holding Cadence.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quaker update, Tea Time ready to go!

This is alittle more on my Quaker rr, will have my part done by this weekend. I have finished my Tea Time Exchange, will be mailing on Friday by the latest. I hope my partner likes what I have done. This is my first pinkeep. As rules go, no picture until I know my partner gets it. As it only has to travel in the USA, hope for pictures by next week.

We have been trying to decide where to go this summer for our vacation. This may be the last family vacation for awhile with all of us. Jason's 18 now, and Jacob will be off to college in 2 years. So we want this vacation to be memorable.

Any suggestions in the beach area? We love the beach. I like searching out lighthouses too. We have been to the Keys, Panama City, Daytona, that's the only places with a beach that we have been too.

We are getting ready for a 3 day weekend. Yeehaw!

Well, this ole chicken is heading for bed. Night ya'll!

ps: My husband thinks Daisy looks mad! This is her don't bother me look! haha

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Start on my Quaker RR!

This is what I got done Saturday night! I really enjoy not having to change the floss colors. I'm gonna like doing this rr!

Have finished putting my Tea Time together, now to pack up to ship! Gonna look for a box tomorrow at school.

The weekend went by too quickly as usual. Poor John had to work this weekend so we didn't have our alone time. Hope for nest weekend. Easter is just around the corner. I love Easter time. We do a Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. So much fun for all.

I took Jacob out for lunch on Saturday to the Olive Garden, we had a great time talking about stuff. We tried to get him some new clothes, but the two shops we went too didn't have what he wanted. Have to try again another time. He is so picky!

Gonna make it a short post tonight, sleep is calling my name!

Have a great night everyone!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Cheryl!

Cheryl celebrates her birthday today! Let us all sing a rousing song(sorry you can't hear it!) to her! Hope you day is special Cheryl!