Saturday, March 31, 2007


Opps! Forgot to post picture!


My First Game Board Sampler Square!

Well, finally finished my first block today. I'll stitch the flower next. Posting the picture first though. Couldn't contain myself. Sometimes I waste more time online than stitching. It has been a quiet Saturday so far. We are gonna grill out some steaks and then later tonight we are gonna go see the movie "Wild Hogs" It looks like it will be funny. Hope it is. My hopefully soon to be nephew in law gave us the tickets. He's a good guy, he just needs to hurry up and ask Tiffy to marry him! (Is that too much to ask?) haha.
Well, gonna go stitch awhile, I am not in demand by the crew at this moment. :)
Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday!!!!

So glad for Friday. No school for a whole week. I plan to do nothing for at least 2 of those days. I want to rest and stitch. I am kinda behind on my Santa SAL. I spent most of my month on my exchanges. So need to get back into the swing of stitching again. Been working on my Game Board Sampler. Hope to have my first 2 squares done tomorrow. Will post them later.
Jason's semi-girlfriend Anglyn will be graduating this spring so I need to get started on her a little sampler. I personally like her more than Casey, but she is one year older than Jason, so they are just friends.
Jacob will turn 15 this coming Tuesday. He hasn't really decided what he wants yet. I know what he wants, but a new wood clarinet is around $3000. dollars. Before I sink that kind of money, I really need to make sure he will be willing to shoot for the music scholarship. His clarinet that he has now cost us about $1500. Wood will be better for sound quality, but his private music teacher informed us we should wait till college to purchase the wood one. Tell that to Jacob though.
Well, Daisy my kitty needs alot of cuddling right now, so I will post more on Saturday.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I made a big boo-boo!

I am such a blond! haha To my exchange partners, the candy that was pictured will not be what you get! I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking about the fact the candy melts in the car during the day. It got up to 82 degrees today! So, when I got to the post office to mail my goodies, I realized that your yummy candies had melted. I changed your candy. I feel so dumb. Oh well, donna moment. You have to realize that this stuff kinda happens to me. I forget things all the time. My husband says I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body.
My Wicked CD came! I am thrilled to have the music to sing along too! That was the best musical yet!
Jason will be getting ready to volunteer for 6 months at the library to earn his Eagle Scout award. I am just so glad he changed his mind. He wanted to quit. He'd earned the merit badges and ranks to achieve Eagle, just got tired with going to scouts every week since he was in 1st grade I guess. Glad he decided to finish.
Well, I promised to make meatloaf tonight, so gonna get started.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exchange Photos!

Here are my exchange goodies! Girls I hope you like them!


Hi Michelle and Hi Vonna!

So glad you stopped by. It's wonderful to make new friends. Michelle, what's your blog name? I'd love to visit you.
Tomorrow is hump day! Spring break almost here. I had to do a presentation this morning at the faculty meeting. I feel it went good. I had only made 75 copies and realized I needed more, but the teachers were good natured about my oops. I am the Team Leader for Nutrition at our school. April's theme is Fit for Fiber! trying to get kids to try whole grains is harder than I thought. My boss wants me to be a assistant manager in the cafeteria. I'm torn, I'm not sure if I'm a strong leader. You need to be able to be a boss, I'm bossy at home, but kinda meek at work. haha

This is what I sent to my exchange partners. I sure hope that they like my stuff I send them. I hope my stitching is fine enough. I've been working on my Game Board Sampler, I really like it. I also got the Drawn Thread Halloween design, I can't wait to stitch it also!

Until later!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

It was a beautiful day!

Sunday dawned a glorious sunny day to enjoy. I did what I wanted. Only a few chores needed done, cross stitched some, finished assembling my spring exchange. It is drying as I type. The little chick legs that is. I was window shopping at Mary Kathryn's shop today. I want to order from her as soon as I get paid. What is paypal? Never done it before.
She has PS Fairy charts. I want them badly! Come on the end of the month! That's when I get paid.
Spring break for us is in one week from now. I am so ready for it! After spring break, all the whole school starts counting down! All the teachers get happy, the staff gets happy! The cafeteria ladies are thrilled! Can't wait! Summertime!
I would love to be able to respond to people that visit my blog. I already know Vonna! Like that girl alot. She looks happy in her blog picture with her family. If you visit, let me know your blog so I can visit you!
I'm sending out my exchanges on Tuesday! Yahoo! Let's do this again real soon!
Until tomorrow!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pictures of Important Stuff!

Busy Saturday!

Thank you all for worrying about my doggy! He is better!
I slept in till 9:30 this morning! It was wonderful! But, I had to get up, couldn't lay in bed any longer, wanted too, but I did finally get up. Brutus my dog sleeps with us every night, as does my cats. My hubby says they hog the bed, they love me and want to me next to me!
Visited my momma today to see how she was recovering, poor dear was still sore. I assured her that her mouth will heal quickly. I showed her our NY pictures, told her we had a great time.
Johnny took me out to eat at red Lobster this evening, yummy for my tummy! I love Red Lobster. after that we decided to add our two teen boys to our cell phone family plan. My boys are besides themselves, they now have a cell phone. Please don't let them use more of the minutes then they have! I have hesitated to add them because of fear of nightmarish cell phone bill. Time will tell.
Christmas exchange looks great, spring exchange will be assembled tomorrow on Sunday. Picture for that one tomorrow. I will post the final pictures before I mail them. I have to add a couple little goodies to the stocking.
Until later!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Day to Go!

Tomorrow's Friday! Thank goodness. I am so tired. I still haven't gotten my schedule back in order. My momma is under the weather, she had her tooth pulled. At least her mouth will not hurt anymore. I have already finished my grocery buying for the week. So hopefully I can have a weekend at home relaxing. I have finished my spring exchange. I will be putting it together to get in the mail.
I hope that nobody had that bad dog food, my doggy Brutus did get sick with some of the food. I had purchased Ol'Roy pouch dog food, he threw up so much that I had to pitch out my rug in front of the fireplace. the vet thought he had eaten something out in the back yard that made him sick. Now we know why he was sick, bad dog food, I threw out 3 pouches of food yesterday. So hope no one's puppy or kitty got sick.
I plan to post my exchange pictures this weekend. Yeah, I hope the ladies like what I did. I need to get ready for bed, boss called, needs me to go in early tomorrow.
Till later,

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I need time to stitch.....

My goal for Thursday is to stitch when I get home from work. I am almost finished with my spring exchange. Yeah! I didn't even have time today, well, I guess I could have not posted and stitched, but I love blogging. Plus Survivor was on tonight. Poor Anthony got voted off. They should have got rid of Rocky. Tune in next week!
I'm hoping that John and I can go out to eat this weekend at Red Lobster. Fingers crossed!
My assistant manager at school is not gonna be returning next year. I wonder who we will get? I hope someone nice.
I have flowers sneaking through my flower bed. I filled my birds feeder this afternoon. I've been humming the songs from Wicked all day. Can't wait to get my CD. I still am in awe over that musical. It kinda makes me wish that I had tried to make it in NY when I was 18. I had just placed third in state for voice at a college meet,I really wanted to go to NY and perform, I wished I had more confidence in my voice to go. But, then I'd have never met my hubby. Life is bittersweet sometimes. I still sing at church and every chance I get.
Till tomorrow!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New York Photos!

I am not the best photo taker in the world, so some of the pictures could be better! We had a really good time other than the ride back home bus disaster. The New Yorkers that we met were not the nicest of people. Everyone rushes up there, hurry, hurry and hurry. Down here in Dacula, we like to take it slow! The musicals were awesome! I ordered the Wicked CD online today. I had left my bank card at the hotel so I didn't have enough money to buy the CD at the Gershwin Theatre. The city really doesn't sleep. Colors everywhere, plus we had that snow storm on Friday, our first day there. We get snow every couple of years, and only just enough to make afew snow balls. So cold up there. Central Park, Time Square, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, plus a couple other sites I can't remember right off.

I would like to go again one day, but do what I want instead of what the tour guide tells us to do. Plus I need to bring more money!

What a trip! I'm glad we went, but I am so glad I'm home:)


I'm Back from New York!

What a trip! I am soooo tired! We left NY on Sunday night at 8pm, bus broke down more times than I care to count. Imagine this-57 passengers, 41 of them teenagers, stuck on a broken down bus. OMG! We were all alittle miserable on the ride home. Finally got new bus that would take us to South Carolina to pick up another bus to finish the ride home to GA. We were on the bus for 24 hours. Finally got home around 8:30pm on Monday night. We will not be using that charter bus company again!
We saw 2 musicals-Spamalot and Wicked. They both were awesome. Very exciting. One things for sure, you need to be rich to live in NY. Everything was so expensive. A small cup of hot cocoa and small canolli (misspelled) $8 dollars. Good grief!
Will post pictures and more tonight! So glad to be home!
And the snow!!!!! OMG, how can they stand it?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pictures of Niece's Wedding Sampler

Well, I did promise, I finally got a chance on the main computer. I really like the pattern, it's one of Brooke's Books designs. The wedding line I think. Justin better hurry up, Tiffany can't wait much longer. She wants a fall wedding. I need lots of time to help her plan it. My niece lives next door to me, so I help her out all the time. I keep trying to get her to cross stitch with me, but she says, no time. Maybe one day.........

Packing for my trip, it's almost here. Jacob is at UGA for a competition for band. I hope he picks that college, it's only an hour away from his Momma!:)

Till tomorrow!


ps-Vonna-I've got your goody ready, it goes in the mail tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi Vonna! Thank You!

I received your mail today! Thank you for the patterns. I think I'll do the little groundhog also on my trip. Hope your right about my niece. I've got my fingers crossed he asks her soon. I'll post those pictures tomorrow. Sorry didn't get them posted today. Jason has been on the other computer most of the evening.
He went back to school today. Seemed to do fine, said his mouth was a little sore when he got home. Took Advil, made it better.
Vonna, watch for your mail box. I'm gonna mail you a surprise before I leave Thursday night !
Judy, Madeleine's art work is wonderful! I knew she was an artist, just like her mommy! I'll plan to come to see you guys after my NY trip.
More tomorrow,

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Here We Come!

I hit the door running at school today, we had 3 ladies out, alittle stressful but 2:15 finally came. I was really tired when I got home, so I took a little nap. Thank you Vonna for caring about my son Jason. He is doing so much better. He goes back to school tomorrow. He ate spaghetti tonight with no problem!
I stitched on my spring exchange tonight. I do not have two DMC floss colors, so I need to get to Hobby Lobby to pick them up. I have decided to work on a PS 1989 Santa on my trip up to NY. I don't have a mp3 player, so I'll need to keep myself busy for the 17 hour charter bus trip.UGH! My rear end is gonna be sore from all that sitting.
No scouts tonight due to scoutmaster having a meeting to attend. Free night off. Yeah! It's nice to not have to go somewhere.
I will post some of my niece's wedding sampler pieces tomorrow. I started her wedding sampler when she told me her and Justin were planning on getting married. So I got a Wedding Sunshine kit from Brooke's Books, figuring I need plenty of time to stitch it. but that darn Justin has yet to pop the question. I feel like I have jinxed it for Tiffany. She doesn't know I started the project. I have put it aside till I get a wedding date.
Enough for tonight! I'll post my pictures tomorrow when I can use the main computer to download my pictures.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Game Board Sampler

Started my DT Game board today. I've been boosted along by Kim, thanks! I've been busy stitching my exchanges that I had put that on the back burner. But, I'm happy that now I have a start on it. Unsure if I'll take this project with me on the bus to New York. We leave for NY on Thursday night. Keep our school band in your prayers. We are taking 41 kids to NY on a band trip. I hope it will not be too cold for me. I'm such a cold natured person as it is.
Jason is feeling better today. I'm surprised at how quickly he has bounced back. I remember when I had my wisdoms out. I was sick with the whole ordeal. Thank goodness Jason is not experiencing alot of problems.
Will work on my stitching tomorrow, all my chores are done for the weekend. I hopefully will post something tomorrow!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Jason feeling the blues!

This morning Jay bug had his wisdom teeth removed. I feel so bad for him, I know he feels miserable. When I went back to the recovery room area to see him, he looked like he did when he was a toddler. It just about made me want to cry, he is not a baby anymore. But, his moma will treat him like one this weekend! haha. I've already made pudding and jello for him to eat.
I'm working on my spring exchange for my PS group. Coming along nicely. Wish I could post a picture, but that's ok, I'll just have to be patient.
Oops, time to run, timer has reminded me it's time to change Jason's gauze. Poor guy!
More later,

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

PS Winter exchange

Wahoo! Finished stitching my winter exchange last night. Now all I have to do is put it together. I'm very happy with the finish so far. Already picked my pattern and linen for the spring exchange. Will start that one this evening. No swimming class tonight. Got moved to Thursday. Hope to have winter exchanged finished this weekend. Jason has his wisdom out this Friday, so I'll have alot of time at home with a pitiful son needing his momma.
Our New York trip is coming up fast. I haven't picked a project to take on the bus yet. Needs to be small, I'll be on a charter bus, not alot of room I've been told. Have to pick up Jason from SciFi club, post more later.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks Vonna, I'll email you. I am so excited to stitch that little guy. I like to have holiday related items up on my mantel. I know it's too late for this year, but I'll at least have it finished for next year.
I have almost finished my one PS exchange. I have stitched off and on this past weekend as I could. Finishing is always my least favorite part. I worry about it looking perfect. I sure hope my exchange partner likes it. I know I do. Tomorrow is back to work. I'm in the kitchen Monday thru Wednesday. I'm in charge of making sure there is enough food for 1000 kiddies! Very stressful when you are head cook in the kitchen. We have a rotation, so it's only 3 days in a row for kitchen duty, then it's 5 days off to do other stations.
Will post again tomorrow!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Groundhog freebie?

Awhile back, I was reading everyone's blog, when I happened upon a blog that someone had stitched a cute little groundhog pattern for groundhog's day. I have since kicked myself because I didn't favorite that blog so I could print it. They had a link to the pattern and I really want to stitch that little cutie. So, if anyone out who reads my blog can help me, I'd be so grateful! :)

Now, back to stitching. Another picture of Daisy! I just love this cat!

By the way, my son's girlfriend visited us today, took their picture to post on my blog. Cute little girl, very sweet.


Hi Vonna and Anna!

Thanks for stopping by, the candle party went well, I only spent $20. John was pleased that I didn't spend all his money. haha. I just had to post a picture of Daisy and John. My sister in law wondered where John was on my blog. So here he is, this is last year at the fair. We always go every year. I'm gonna get some serious stitching done this weekend. I want to have my PS Santa/Winter exchange finished this weekend. So wish me success.
Until later,

Quaker Freebie Picture

I forgot to post this picture the other day. This was a very quick stitch for me. I worked on it for 2 different stitching sessions. Finished it the other day at the oral surgeon's office. I really want to stitch their new pattern Quaker Cat and Mouse.

I am stitching on my exchanges so I can't really post their wip's pics because I want them to be a surprises for my PS exchange buddies.

Will post more later today. Have a candle party to attend later.

Until then,