Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween! Car news!

I'm not sure whether I'll get trick or treaters tonight or tomorrow night! So, I'm ready and set up to pass out candy!
I hope everyone has a safe weekend! Be careful!

Now on to exciting news! Many of you didn't know that Jason totalled my car last week, so we have been on the hunt for me a new one! I hate having to get a new car, I was 8 months left paying on the the Focus! Guess who gets to start over! Wahoo!

But, this is the car I'm looking for! A Dodge Avenger! Very sporty and we are going car shopping tomorrow.

I'll let all know what I decide on! There are just way too many cars to choose from :)

Happy Halloween Friends!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crawling out from under the covers..........

Since Oct.13, I have been in and out of the hospital, I've got a whopper of a kidney stone that decided to rear it's ugly head. I used a new group of doctors and let's just say I will not be returning to them. What a nightmare!

I'm at 3 surgeries right now, no stone has emerged and it's the 23rd already. :( I just had the stent removed and they managed to rip every part of my urethra. Of course I didn't feel anything until the numbing meds wore off and then the pain from hell attacked me. Johnny took me back to the ER to find out what was going on. Geez, all I want is to feel better. When I woke up from my 2nd. surgery, they had my IV in my neck! Geez! I know I'm a hard stick, but come on, my neck?!

Sorry that I don't have any decent pictures! I look horrible! The vain one!

I'm planning on trying to go back to school later this week, just hoping that I can pass the stone soon! Who ever invented kidney stones needs to be shot!

As soon as my exchange partner gets her Halloween ornament, I'll post pictures!

I'm missing visiting my blogging buddies! Hope to at least be awake more today!



Saturday, October 9, 2010

No luck on the pinkeep yet.....

Terrie is gonna order the Blackbird Designs "Harvest pinkeep" so I'm excited to hopefully get it by next week! I stopped by the shop today to visit and met a new lady named Donna! We are just so popular! lol She also wanted the pinkeep too! She signed up for the Blackbird monthly program that I send out to customers!

I had a fun evening, even though John says I'm terribly expensive to keep up! lol I said I was worth every penny and hey, it's cheaper than divorce!

We went out to eat at El Jinete, then we went to the bowling alley and bowled a couple games, of which I lost! Plus we played some arcade games, had a few drinks and then I drove us home! I've got to find a couple who we can do things together with, make it more fun and exciting! I'm very competitive, and I'm a hand full I know! Everytime he missed, I was hooting and cheering! I know, I'm terrible aren't I! But, it was alot of fun and I can't wait to go again! Next time, we won't eat mexican, we can just eat appetizers at the bowling alley! John was so stuffed! I was smart and didn't eat too much!

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!


ps: I had a cute picture of me bowling, but John did not save it! I need to show him how to use his phone! lol

More pictures from the vain one! lol

Can't wait to show off my new outfit tomorrow! Black jeans and a leather jacket! Sizzle! Hot Momma!

I've plans to drop by the shop tomorrow to check on Harvest pinkeep from Blackbird Designs! Cross my fingers!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I have a 3 day weekend and I'm planning on partying tomorrow night! I've talked John into hopefully taking me out for drinks and to go bowling! Haven't bowled in a coons age! So we will see how I do! It is terribly late so I need to get some sleep!

I've met a new friend today, hi Sandy! Don't work to hard today!
Night y'all!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not alot going on just yet.....

I've been very busy, we have been short staffed plus our boss has been let go, so it's been a friggin nightmare at work! It needs to hurry up and get better, we all have just about worked ourselves sick!

I'm working on exchanges, so no pictures of stitchy goodness! I need to call the shop and see if the new Blackbird Designs reward of merit pattern is in! I want that one for sure!

I've good news.....I'm gonna be an aunt! My niece Tiffany is having a baby girl! I'm very excited about this news! Girl stuff is so much more cuter to buy for! The baby is due in Feb. 2011 so I gotta put on the cross stitch burn to get some presents made!

Hoping everyone is having a great week so far!

I hope most of you went over to Edgar's blog and wished him a happy birthday! I know I did! Plus I've got to get a little package sent to him! I'm terribly behind as usual!

I'll leave a picture of me instead! This is me after my evening exercise! I'm walking 1 hour a day now, I walk for the most part very fast, then I sprint the last leg of my route home! Whew! I used to jog when I was younger, but gosh I'm totally wiped out by my hour!